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Do you remember when you started shaving and what you used?

Norelco in HS. Then, a few years later, a dermatolgist told me to stop given my skin and beard and switch to a Trac II. I can't remember the foam. Probably anything that said sensitive on it. Probably Gillette. Used that up until about 2.5 years ago.
Hmm. No, I don't remember, but I can make some educated guesses. I think I probably first started shaving at about 16, which would have been 1999.

After some googling, I believe my first razor was a Mach 3, and I would have used either Gillette or Schick brand shaving gel in a can.
1957 using a Gillette DE with Gillette blue blades and Molle brushless shave cream ‘cause that ‘s what my dad used.
I believe I started with Bic disposables and various aerosol creams until I discovered TRUE wet shaving implements. That period of time was probably about 16-50 years of age I'm sad to say. Never even had a two-edged razor because to me shaving was a chore and not a luxury - about as thrilling as brushing my teeth. When I first discovered this new realm of wet shaving websites and forums I went immediately from Bic and barbasol to Silver Tip Badger, double edge blades, hard soaps and real creams. Never looked back :a20:

I used to be glad I only shave every other day. Now I am distressed by the fact. I'm sure you all understand? :07:
Mach 3 with Barbasol or plain soap when I was about 15. I moved to a Merkur 34G and Musgo Real with a cheap badger brush about 4 years after that.
my very first shave was probably colgate irish spring shave cream (miss the cool looking cans )with an Atra. I was probably 15 I was only doing my chin and shaving off that gross upperlip ratstache fuzz. Sensor had just been released a few years prior , and to a teenage boy that thing looked sick and the commercial still looks great to this day. I got a gillete shave kit one Christmas ,and from then on in it was Sensor and every variation since. Gillete in the 90s had so many cool products going from the razors, shavegels, aftershave, gel sticks, etc.
First wet shaving kit:
billy jealousy shaving cream
Semogue 620 brush
Edwin jagger de89
L’occitane cade balm

I do not use or own any of them anymore
I remember my first shave coming after a week long school trip to Washington DC and being eager to get rid of the few stray wispy hairs that started showing up on my chin and upper lip. Dad showed me the ropes with a can of Gillette foam and a dirt cheap yellow-handle disposable. Got the job done!
I used electric for years, in fact my very first was with an electric. It's what my dad used, and I just did too for the most part, using a cartridge and a bar of soap while out camping and the like. I started using cartridges and gels more regularly when I joined the military because A: it was an inspected part of kit in basic, and B: the electric did a relatively poor job that got me in crap on the credit card test a couple times. I moved to classic wet shaving only later when I started getting pissed off at the cost of replacement cartridges, and found a couple nice older DE's in some estate auctions,and it just really suited my personality way better too. Also I have a friend who is heavily into straight razors (would like to myself, but still serving so I don't have that time in the morning) and got my son using a straight razor now too.
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I do recall... it was some sort of cheaper, TTO DE. I don't recall its maker. After maybe 2 years of this I switched to cartridge systems before coming back to DEs years later. Now, I only use a cartridge system when I travel.
An electric Phillips shaver loaned from my mom around the late 80's and a Gillete Atra in '92.

Carts until 3 years ago now DE's, SE's and injectors for me, and an ocassional cart if don't want to check my luggage.

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To begin my dads Schick Injector (I wish I had it now) then I switched to the Trac II when it hit the market in early 70's. My dad also used Skin Bracer and I still do.


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I'm sure I started with a Gillette back around 1959-60 because that's what my dad used, but early on, I tried a Schick injector and liked it much better. I remember when I was in college (~1964), Wilkinson came out with their Bonded Blade razor, which IIRC was the first cartridge razor. I used it for a while, along with the Schick twin blades in my injector, and then got sucked into the multiblade razors when I went into the Air Force in 1967. I stopped when they exceeded three blades and went back to Injector razors, and the occasional DE.
My god! You’re older than I am. There is hope. :a14:


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My first shave was in 1964 when I was 15. I used a brand new Gillette slim adjustable (I believe it was a slim anyway). I don’t remember the shaving cream I used a Shick adjustable injector in college but I believe I used the Gillette up into the 1980’s. As far as memory goes, I’m in good shape. I can’t remember the last time I forgot something.
I think in 2005 or 06. That would make me 14 or 15. I remember grabbing a pack of Gillette Good News razors and tossing them in the cart when I was at the store with my mom. I just used whatever shave gel my dad had in his bathroom. I received zero instruction. I didn't do too much damage to myself either. My dad tried to give me a proper lesson on the Mach3 about a week before I left for basic training in 2009. Either he wasn't a good teacher or I didn't listen because the shaves in basic were terrible and uncomfortable. I remember lots of razor burn, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps.
It was in the early '60s. I had a Schick injector, a hand me down brush, a tube of cream, and some Yardley aftershave. Then I got a wooden bowl with a puck of Yardley soap.
I remember my Dad's Flairtip and the light blue case for blades, Mother telling me to leave it or else getting harmed because of the blades, or worst still :) break the razor. I recall him telling me to shave and showing me how to

These memories are quite vague, to tell you the truth.

Something I cannot forget is the smell of Old Spice aftershave. I have the brand's deodorant opaline flasks, Mother used them for storing buttons.

I clearly recall the Trac II, electric razors given as gifts (twice, Braun and Philips) and later on, tossed, shaving carelessly and making a mess in my face (literally, in September 1982), my Grandad's Autstrop (kept by my Brother) and the Allegro (kept by me), years of growing a beard and the rediscovery of "DE - razor shaving" ten years ago.

We still have the enemy hidden in a closet - my Grandad's electric shaver brought from the USA in 1932 :)
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