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Do you remember when you started shaving and what you used?

I don't. I was born in 1951, and graduated high school in 1969. If I understand history correctly, the Trac II was the first cartridge razor, and it was produced in 1971. I know I started shaving pretty early, around 12 or so, so I must have used a DE or a SE of some kind. I went in the Navy right after high school, and what I do remember about shaving in boot camp was that there were a few of us with heavy beards who were designated as "morning shavers" while the rest of the company shaved at night. Otherwise, we wouldn't pass inspection. I don't remember what we used, which was issued and was probably a Gillette DE. According to Gillette (who should know) the Mach 3 debuted in 1998, but I could have sworn it came out much earlier than that. I do remember the introduction of the Fusion, and I've always used Gillette products...I never tried Schick or other shaving products, except for electric razors. I did shave for a while with a Norelco (never got good results with it) and then a Braun (which gave me really good shaves as long as I used it every day) in the early part of the 2000s. Now, I only use either a DE or a Trac II.

I wish I had a better memory for these kind of things. My memory is strange...my wife, for example, can remember her elementary school teachers' names, while I certainly can't. I guess my "hard drive" only has so much space available...and older stuff gets deleted. I need an upgrade, both memory and processor! LOL
I'm sure I started with a Gillette back around 1959-60 because that's what my dad used, but early on, I tried a Schick injector and liked it much better. I remember when I was in college (~1964), Wilkinson came out with their Bonded Blade razor, which IIRC was the first cartridge razor. I used it for a while, along with the Schick twin blades in my injector, and then got sucked into the multiblade razors when I went into the Air Force in 1967. I stopped when they exceeded three blades and went back to Injector razors, and the occasional DE.


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Mid 70s, Super Adjustable. Tossed in basic training 1978 and used disposables to pass locker inspections. Lots of DE, SE, carts, and a couple electrics in the intervening years. Been pretty much DE & SE for several years now.
GKC1, we are about the same age. I used a gold colored Gillette tech with awful blue blades starting in 1966. I liberated the razor from my father. Recall my first experience with a disposable about 1971. Ugh. I think it was a Bic, but that was a long time ago! I know I bought an Eveready 200T brush in 1971 from Richardson's Pharmacy in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Started with Colgate and Williams. That old brush lasted for many years. But I lost the Gillette tech in 1979 in a move.
Whatever my father gave me at the time.

Only thing I remember was that it was butterfly design and also (I think) adjustable. Not that I really needed adjustable razor. At the time just standing out in the open on a windy day would get rid of all of my soft facial hair. :001_smile
I don't recall ever using a shaving brush in my early years. It's possible I did, since I don't recall much at all...but I think I used canned foam like Rise or Barbasol. I don't remember my dad shaving in my youth, but of course he did. For most of his later years, like when I was in college and later, I remember him using a Norelco (and giving him several new ones over the years for Christmas, etc.)


I didnt know
I learned to shave in the early 80's with my fathers British Flare Tip Rocket with Brit Wilkinson Sword blades but no idea the soap.
At the time just standing out in the open on a windy day would get rid of all of my soft facial hair. :001_smile
:yesnod: LOL

I was blessed or cursed with the ability to grow hair...about my only talent. I have a lot of it everywhere, and it's begun growing in places I don't particularly want it, like my ears (all over) and the tip of my nose. My beard is very coarse and heavy, and grows very fast. I wish I had a wispy beard that I only had to shave once a week or so.
I have so it before, on this forum. When I started shaving, I used a Good News disposable. I used Barbasol shave cream. The only razor I remember my Dad using, was in the late 60's or early 70's. It was a black handled TTO. My dad was very practical, no frills kind of guy, so I do not believe it was adjustable. So it probably a Krona or black handled SS. He started using the Good News shortly after the bought me and my brothers, those first Good News razors.
My dad was the guy who would not buy steak, unless he could get it for everyone. So he and my mom ate hamburger like us kids. Of course there were 6 of us kids, so hamburger was pretty common, and I do not remember having a steak until I bought one for myself.
I started shaving in the early 90s with a Bic disposable and a can of Barbasol. I later switched to Mach 3 and Edge Gel.
1995 with Gillette disposable (one blade) and occasionally a super speed with Wilkinson Sword blades, Gillette foamy menthol/barbasol and Aqua Velva Ice Sport. Everything there my dad used except the Aqua Velva Ice Sport.
My dad always used Mennen Skin Bracer, and I did too for a while. For many years now, I've used Mennen Afta which helps keep my face moisturized, and some variety of cologne dabbed on my chest. I've never used an alum block or witch hazel, which I didn't even know was a "thing" until I found this forum. I rarely cut myself, and almost never get irritation or ingrown hairs, so I guess I don't need them.
Mid-seventies with an electric razor, and not a three head Phillips/Norelco type, one of those models with the single foil that warped over the shaving head. Bloody torture, with the emphasis on "bloody" considering how much of a pizza-face I had back then!
I moved onto those cheap orange and white BIC disposables and whatever even cheaper foam was available, and when no foam was available I think I resorted to shaving with Noxema face cream.
Ha, I sometimes use Noxema now as a sort of pre-shave/base.
Well, it seems I learned something from my callow youthfulness!


I sure do. I started shaving in 1955. My first razor was a Tech paired with a Gillette Blue Blade. My brush was a no-name brush that came from a drug store. My soap was a soap powder or flake that my father provided me for many years. After a few years, I bought my first new razor: a Fat Boy followed by a Slim. My AS was WH.
I first shaved on my 15th birthday, November 28, 1951, and I have wet shaved daily ever since.

The razor was a new Gillette, probably a black tipped Super Speed, and the blade probably was a Gillette Blue blade. The soap was from a pressurized can with the name Gillette on it.
i don't, whatever my father used... born on '56, start shaving in the 70s.
Anyhow, a 3 pieces and boar brush, that's what i remember
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