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Do you really need adjustability in a razor? My answer is - NO.

I am currently using an adjustable as I occasionally become board with my go-to razor, which is not adjustable.

I have had a week of pretty good shaves with my Merkur Furtur, which is a razor I have used on and off (mostly off) for about 15 years if not more. I have even figured out how to shave well with it in problematic areas. Over the years, I've used all levels of its ajustabilty. I have also used the Mercur Progress and the ancient Gillette Fatboy, which are both well made adjustable.

However, my conclusion is that ajustabilty is not that important. I think I get the best shaves with a non-adjustable, following the principals and movements of Charles Roberts cutting forms - the 4 pass shave. I guess an adjustable *might* be capable of a closer shave. But I find that the non-adjustable more relaxing and ultimately just as satisfying.

I recognize, of course, that YMMV.

Thoughts on this?
I just used my Rex Ambassador tonight Setting 4 WTG, 3 XTG and 2 ATG. Gave me a great smooth shave. I tend to use this decreasing Blade gap technique when I use my adjustable razors. I guess that puts me in the camp of liking adjustables for a change of pace.
I always thought it was to provide a razor that works for everyone. You find the setting that works for you and go with it. I never change my setting, once I find which one works best.

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I think adjustables are great for beginners. I wish I would have started with an adjustable. It would have saved me lots of money. I've gotten rid of my adjustables over time, and currently don't own a single one nor do I plan on it. I now have very efficient razors that I can do a single WTG pass but that are also smooth enough to do daily ATG passes also.
I've owned adjustables and they're nice in that you can fine tune the razor for you and that a manufacturer can make 1 razor that suits everyone, instead of having to make various different models.
I do think that most people find a setting they like and stick with that. I have seen some YouTube wet shavers who use a different setting for each pass but I feel like they're overthinking it and making things more complicated than they need to be.

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I do have favorite razors, but I like a wide range of aggressiveness some weeks. Sometimes that’s translated into one setting razors with varied geometry, other times that’s meant adjustables on different settings. 🤷‍♂️


If the store where I bought my razor had an adjustable razor, I'd have bought it. After I settled on the right adjustment, I wouldn't have changed it. It turned out the Van Der Hagen razor I bought is perfect for me, so I have no need to experiment.

I don't see why I'd ever need a four pass shave. One is enough for a DFS.
I think adjustables are great for beginners..
I disagree. I think adjustables hold back the learning of angle and pressure, they lead new shavers to believe gap is necessary for a close shave . Learn to shave with a mild fixed setting until you get your technique down.

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When i started this hobby i thought adjustable were must haves with so many options.... Now i only use 3 piece razors. I agree with opening post.
I don't think adjustability is necessary. I have several adjustables. A fatboy, a slim, and a Rockwell S1. I like all 3. But I always leave them on the same setting.


I agree with Scott. I've a few adjustables that I like very much. I found the setting that worked best for me and left it there.
I'm not a fan of them, even though I've owned six of them. I prefer a non-adjustable head that is predictable and efficient.
for me i always adjust my razor depending on my growth, time constraints, or if im getting irritated or if im growing up my beard n just cleaning up. if i want a bbs i start low n go high at the end.

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Adjustable razors are fun. BUT, once I figure out my optimal setting that’s it.

After I figured that out, I went to 3-piece designs! YMMV for sure!
The only adjustable I own is the Slim. It's a nice razor but I use only one setting through my shave.

Rockwell 6S is not an adjustable per se, but rather a razor system.