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Do you MATCH up your products?

I’m not big on heavy scents. My soaps are generally mildly scented, my AS too. And these days I’m simply not at all likely to wear any AS. I don’t do pairs.

Soaps: Mike’s coconut and Orange, cedarwood, pepper. Speick, Hasslinger Aloe Vera, MWF, and I Coloniali.

AS: Royal Lyme (general use), Speick (for rough shaves), TOBS Eton College (professional), Invisible Author’s Memoirs of a Trespasser (a heavy hitter with scent strength, special occasions)

more often the not, the soap scents are just fine by me (and my ex who is hypersensitive to scents) and I don’t need more.
Invisible Author’s Memoirs of a Trespasser

What. The. [email protected]$k. Is THAT? 😳😲😆
I match like 9/10 times but when I'm in a hurry or I wake up late and need to power through a quick shave I just pick up a soap like tabac or MWF and splash on some witch hazel or proraso white balm (it has a very light scent to my nose)
No and this applies to everything (includingly non-shaving). Luckily, "people" are not a product in the business I am in.
Definitely match. It gives me another criteria to slim down the keepers by.
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I think the only product I've done that with has been Eucris. I have the whole line in my travel bag and at home - shaving cream (tube and bowl), EdP, shower gel, skin food, etc. etc. It's my favorite scent and has been for 20 years. I can't say I've run the table with any other product. Have a great day!
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I have a number of sets and tend to use them as sets.

Other than that, I try to match scent groups: Citrus, Fougère, Vetiver, Barbershop, etc. Having a variety of fairly neutral scented soaps like MWF and Haslinger Schafmilch helps, as do unscented soaps.

YMMV. :cool:


"Just Call Me Billy"
So, I’m building up my soap “library,” puck by puck (actually, sample by sample, for now).

Just curious - do you MATCH your products, as in, do you use a “Stirling” Lime soap, followed by a “Stirling” Lime balm, or do you mix and match?

As someone who’s essentially starting out as a serious “WS,” I look forward to eventually amassing a large collection of various types of soaps and creams.

Not sure if I need to buy the matching balm for each of those products.

If not, is there a GENERIC balm you can recommend that can be used with everything, or should I just try to match scent “families” (citrus w/citrus, barbershop w/barbershop, etc.)

thx for your input, gents! 💈😶🌫
This is a dangerous road when one is:


B) forgetful, with a strong tendancey to hoarding, and

C) married to a woman named "THE War Department."
With my two soaps, Martin de Candre Fougere and Agrumes, I use whatever cologne (I use cologne splashes as aftershave) I want. Usually it's 4711 or St. John's Lime, but now and then it is Guerlain Habit Rouge or Vetiver. Both Guerlains have enough legs to overcome any competing scents, but the Fougere works better with them. The citrus pairing of Agrumes and St. John's lime is citrus nirvana, but the 4711 comes close, although it fades much more quickly.
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