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Do you like throwaway razors?

Do you like throwaway razors?

  • Yes. I like the convenience.

  • No. They're wasteful and I hate that aspect.

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How do you like throwaway razors? Do you buy them very often? Or do you hate them because of the waste aspect?

After 30 years of using an electric razor, I moved directly to double edge razors, so there's that....
I find that disposable twin blade razors can give very good shaves. I’ve used some at times that I’ve gotten at places like the Dollar Tree. Personna makes quality throwaway twin blade razors that are quite inexpensive... a bonus for the budget minded. Only drawback is the waste. Yes, that part I hate. All that plastic going into a landfill. I enjoy using a de more. It’s much more interesting. And cheap too.
Rarely buy them, maybe a couple every few years. Been handy for certain camping and festival trips where a rogue DE blade is not desirable.

A little less concerning to ditch than a DE blade too, they don't eat binbags or need to be wrapped.

Preference is towards the simpler end; single blade Bic Metal or Sensitive.

I think I'm affimative to both poll options. I like the convenience but only reach for them in times where shaving is not very convenient.

Ad Astra

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Flying with carry-on only? A must (Bic Metal). Which is rare.

Waste/amount I use? Negligible.

People who throw away shave-goop-cans and weekly Bics - along with plastic water bottles - can readjust their haloes.



Definitely not for me!

The only time I use a throw-away is if I forget a razor while traveling.
Only for certain times such as hiking/camping and traveling. Very lightweight and the single blade ones are not so bad in a pinch.
I try now to be conscious of my packaging choices. Sometimes you cannot be, which sucks, but what can you do?

I used to be a fan of disposables because of the price point, but that was when I was in high school. I got my first electric razor and then a few mach 3's, then in my late 20's found a vintage razor and DE blades.

I feel far less wasteful, but it's definitely not convenient.
I Don't buy throwaway razors but I have bought the Gillette and Schick 2 to 5 blade razors to try and they got tossed. After trying carts I always went back to my DE/SE way of shaving.


I have bought them, I have used them and I will buy them again in the future. Me tossing a plastic razor in the bin is not going to make that much difference. We recycle just about everything that we use. My garbage bin goes out every week with one medium size bag of rubbish in it. The green waste bins and the recycle bins are sometimes to the point of overflowing. I could actually put our waste bin out about every third week if I wanted to really fill it up.
Yes, I buy them and will continue to do so.
Gillette's and Edgewell's price points for disposables means it's cheaper to buy a pack of disposables than the cart version.
Have you seen how many appliances end up in the trash and garbage? Razors are not going to make a difference.
I'm not looking at the "waste" aspect from strictly an environmental standpoint though. I find the waste aspect bothersome in and of itself from a personal values standpoint. I like permanence. I don't throw things out until they're good and done. I'm very annoyed on those very rare occasions where food goes bad because it's not been eaten.

For traveling
For quick GOOD shaves.
1-3 blades....they actually shave as good or better than all others.... polluting the world....maybe, I say DO NOT consume any beverages in plastic bottles or use any plastic bags....


Here I am, 1st again.
I have found and used a few throw away razors.

Some people these days throw away good things.

The Bic 2 blade model is really good.

And I have found good thrown out clothing.
I've only found one I've liked, the Schick 2-blade model. I don't see any point in buying them. Yeah, they're probably cheaper than a cartridge razor, but I'll shoot the lock off my wallet and spend the extra two bucks or whatever for a significantly better razor. I'll grow a beard before I use another Bic anything.
If I'm using a disposable something really bad is going on. I've never received a good shave from one. Pretty sure it is due to circumstance more than it is the razor's fault, but I'll stick with my DE and SE.
I enjoy the bic metal . I like them so much so that I’m looking at trying to find a single edge razor like the vector in hopes it shares as close the the bic metal as possible.

I do hate the idea of a plastic disposable though.
I use disposable razors only if I’m traveling by air with a carry-on. I don’t like the idea of throwing them out, but it’s a very infrequent event for me. I’ll bring my VDH DE with me when I’m checking my bags.