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Do You like Schick Krona or ?

Hi Dear Friend,
i want to know that: i traded 1 month ago with schick krona mint condition from B&B forum member he is very kind and trustfull men i dont know the rules so i dont want to say hes name. specially thanks to him because he sent me very good shaver . im using it everyday its weight is light but very close and smooth shaver i like it too much. until i like this item i tried,
Gilette Tech made in england
Gilette g 1000
Gilette Knack
Gillette slim adjustable
Feather black handle
Gillette super adjustable long.
Gillette Fatboy Executive
Merkur 38C
Edwin Jagger
All of them very valuable items and well shavers but,

Now My shave items Race going between schick krona, merkur38c and Edwin Jagger.
Also i know that every faces have different characteristic . All these are IMHO...
im waiting your favorite shave items ...

I got better shaves with my 38c than I did with my Krona, but an Eglish Gillette Tech is even better (and cheaper) in my opinion.
My favorite is a Gillette Super Adjustable, because it can bring out the best in a variety of blades.

For a non-adjustable TTO razor, I prefer a Krona to the Gillette Super Speeds I've tried.

Only other Gillette razor I use is a Tech.
Melyus, my favorites are my Gillette Slim Adjustable, Red Tip, and Tech, But I use the Krona as well. I really like the way it shaves, and the lightness of the handle does not bother me at all. It has a wonderful grip, and will not slip out of my hands.
I have one....close to mint, with the Schick on the doors. It's quite mild, and light like pointed out above. I don't use it often but when I do I enjoy it.
I have a Krona, with nothing on the doors. No Schick, or Krona stamped on them. From around 59' or 60' I'd say. Shaves great.
I've used a Krona before, and it just wasn't for me. I somehow ended up with TWO, one with stampings and the other without. I actually gave the w/o stampings one to a friend who showed interest in wetshaving, so maybe it'll have a owner who will appreciate it?
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