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Do you have a shaving product graveyard?

I have a metal bucket in the bathroom that contains two rejected brushes and three rejected soaps.

It also contains a Gillette Quick Twist that I need to repair. The handle has come off but a bit of super glue will take care of it.


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In 2009, my collection of stuff was somewhat considerable and that's when I took my first hard look at which products I really enjoyed and which ones were taking up space.

Everything that was taking up space was either given away or sold on BST. After that I really started to concentrate on using one product from start to finish rather than using a rotation to allow me the opportunity to see how each product performed on a daily basis and really learn the subtle nuance of each.

After another year, I recently began to put some more items on the BST and am focusing on dwindling my collection down to the items I enjoy using the most and ridding myself of the excess.

For me, there is no need to hoard a graveyard of products that will never be used when we know that someone will/could use them.

Leaving them in a box somewhere is like the "island of misfit toys". :wink: :biggrin:
i thought i would bring this thread out of 18 month hiatus, having a different angle.

being a member who has come back to B&B out of the wilderness (i moved to WV and have returned to my previous stomping grounds on NC), I found that items in my graveyard have seen a second life as well. in the couple of years i've been gone packaging and formulas changed, and items that were not at the top of my use list have risen to the top of the heap out of fear of the new. also having moved and money being tighter while i sell the old house, i find myself willing to try stuff i was putting off for later while the latest scented "schnoodlebog" came out and took us all by storm.

more so, i got married and my shave den was relegated to three small tubs under the sink and boxes in the garage...oh the sad truth finally comes out.
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