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do you guys use preshave

I just wash my face with regular soap and water to remove any oils that could consume some of my shave soap. Got the idea from an old Ivory ad that recommended applying Ivory once, washing it off and then shaving after a second application of Ivory. Since Ivory dissipates quickly my guess is that this was recommended to buy the relatively weak lather a bit more time for the shave.
I tried Noxzema for awhile but it didn't seem to add any value, plus it masked the scent of the cream or soap I was using.

Once I started shaving after a shower, I did notice a big difference. So I guess a shower is my pre-shave.
The only preshave I've used that has increased "slickness" has been to use the bloom water from my hard soaps on my face and head prior to lathering. I do use Noxzema fairly regularly to wash my face prior to shaving and I use a moisturizer after the aftershave. Moisturizing is the best pre/post shave thing one can do
As I've already stated, I made my own pre-shave oil.... didn't like it so avoided it altogether.

However, APBinNCA recommended I try Baume.be pre-shave. I did and loved it. I have now tried the Baume.be cream with and without their pre-shave oi... and I can tell you, for me, the pre-shave made a significant difference.

I always take a shower before I shave so my whiskers are already pre-softened if you will, but I will continue to keep the Baume.be pre-shave in all my shaves. I think it's worth the expense... others may hold another view and that's fine with me. I think most of us have learned... there is no such thing as "the one true way to shave".
Was gifted some AoS Sandalwood Pre-shave and soap and some E-Shave Pre-shave and soap--both of those pre-shaves were oils and I tried and did not like due to the oily, slippery residue on my hands and in the sink, so everything was re-gifted to my son. Later I purchased the Proraso Green pre-shave and soap and while I don't think it makes any appreciable difference to the shave, it does come off of your hands easier and it's easier to apply. I use the Proraso Pre more than the soap; so much so that I picked up another jar I found on clearance at a Marshall's for under $4. I just like the sinus-clearing, wake you up, Vick's Vapo-rub "menthol kick," to soaps without menthol, and an extra menthol boost to mentholated soaps on warm days. Pre-shaves, "meh," don't think they're worth it--I guess I'd say I'm just a "menth-head," but that might not be taken properly...
I use Proraso Green preshave before every shave. I also prep using a face wash. I can get good results when skipping these steps but I find it also adds to my experience. And combined with Proraso Green cream it is a very comfortable and pleasant shave.
I used to use it religiously, but now since the soaps are so great you really don’t have to use them. I do a great job of doing my pre shave routine in the shower.

That being said, if I have an unusually long beard growth, I’ll use either my PAA CUBE OR PRORASO BLUE PRE-POST
I have tried using a pre-shave and did not detect any benefit, and I thought it added more product to be cleaned from the razor and blade. But there are occasional days when it sounds like fun, or it will add to the enjoyment of the shaving process and ritual, so I use it.


Ask me about shaving naked!
I’ve been watching and reading and will offer a somewhat different view.

Traditional pre-shave products don’t do too much if anything for the hair as evidenced by many, many comments in this thread and my experience too. Pre-shave is a skin conditioner that loads the skin with fats and oils since soap removes fats and oils (sebum) from your skin. If you look at the ingredients of most of them, they’re skin conditioning ingredients.

I have a patch of dry skin on my face that’s most likely hereditary since my dad’s family side frequently had it too. If I rub ABC almond oil and aloe pre-shave in well while I shower, it reduces the problem. As do some AS balms like L’Occitane Cade.

@Medivh suggests shampoo (to condition the hair) and I agree.

@Pedigree suggests GFT and that works too, it’s scented glycerin and water, and glycerin moisturizes skin.

@exocet - Martin de Candre hazelnut and borage shampoo works well on beard hair and is not expensive (but shipping is if you are in the US).

I do see some skin benefit while shaving using ABC and SMN pre-shave, less with GFT Skin Food. The straight razor edge is usually a little less aggressive in terms of ‘digging in’ which means that the residual slickness is a little better. Nice.

Is it worth the price of ABC or SMN pre-shave? I’d say no. But it is perceptible and might make a bigger difference to someone else, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Post Script: The SMN product can be used as a pre-shave, a shaving cream, and a post shave (AS). Does it work? 2/3, it is not that good of a shaving cream but pre- and post-shave performance is good. If you like the scent, it might well be a good option.
I also use shampoo in the shower, most days. Strips some of the oil out of the hair. The shampoo I use is pretty mild for what it's worth. Seems to make a difference over just hot water, because I notice when I don't do it (this morning, for instance). I don't shampoo my head every day but I like to keep my mustache clean, so it's not really an extra step in my routine.
I will say this.. pre-shaves are not created equal. I haven't read any hocus pocus personally... just got a good recommendation from someone here.

I've already said it... the Baume.be pre-shave makes a difference for me... but the catch phrase here is always "YMMV".
Yes, I've tried several different ones along the way. I've used the Cube, Ice Cube, Ach. Brito Glyce with Lime, standard glycerine soap, also Noxzema. I don't use the oils, though.

The idea with pre-shave is to clean the face and begin hydrating the beard. I prefer to use it most of the time. You don't necessarily need a special product for this. If showering right before shaving, it might not be needed.
I used Noxzema for the first time yesterday. It claims to be a pre-shave, a shave cream, and a post-shave balm.
I washed my face and tried to use it as a shaving cream. Dipped my brush in it but couldn't get a lather; used more, still no lather. I then shaved with it anyway. An excellent shave. I splashed the face afterwards and patted dry. There was still some Noxzema on the face but it felt great. There was no need to re-apply, as there would be using soap.
What a wonderful travel kit. Noxzema and a razor. Post-shave, pre-shave and brush are redundant.
This is now one of my routines, especially if I'm in a rush.
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