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Do you guys use a shaving mirror?

Since I always shave in my bathroom I have no special shaving mirror, I just use the one on the wall above my sink.
My flat in London has a mirror on the wall at right angles to the sink allowing me to stand very close to the mirror to shave which is great. This lead me to be dissatisfied with my set up in my house in Kent because the mirror is behind the sink. I've been looking at ways to get the mirror closer but I don't really want an extending mirror and I'm not fussed about having a magnification.

The hunt continues. Could this be the start of MAD (Mirror Acquition Disorder)?

I have a cupboard which has doors with mirrors above my sink which mostly eliminates the problem of being too far away from the mirror. If I want to see closer, then I just bend over a little bit.
I have the depth of the sink, then there's a 8" deep shelf. I wasn't too bothered until I started shaving at the flat, I can stand literally 3 inches away from the mirror.
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