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Do you ever use your "other" brushes and give your favorite a break?

I have been using my favorite brush everyday. My SIX other brushes are getting no use. Feels like a waste but I'm just not satisfied when I don't use my favorite.
I'm lucky to have 3 favorite brushes. My other six don't see much use and I keep some of those boxed up in the basement for months or years at a time.
I do have my brush that I prefer, but all the others, or most of the others, I obviously like for their own different reasons. The days I decide to just grab a quick face lather to run run out the door are perfect for the smallest brushes.


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I often use a brush two days in a row but I do rotate through them all. Of course I have my favourites but if the others weren't being used, they would be sold/traded or PIFd.


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In my opinion, it's not a waste if you're using a brush that makes you happy.

I use my brushes in a sort of rotation, though there are some brushes that I reach for more frequently and others that get little use. I rarely will use the same brush for two days in a row unless I'm traveling. Like to mix things up. The exception is if I have a new brush, in which case I'll use it more or less exclusively for a while until I've gotten to know it.
I had what we commonly call here the "SBAD", trying nearly every major brands available around, but came to sell all except two: a Mühle synthetic and a Plisson white two bands... I don't really rotate everyday, but after a couple of months usually...
I only own three and two are identical in all but handle color. All are Omega boars, two are B&B specials. The B&B are my preferred model, as they are just the right size for me. The third one is a '49, quite large. It is my travel brush. I'm breaking in the pink B&B, and it's tied for favorite. I'll probably use it nonstop for quite awhile.
I use all of them, including my travel brush. I'm using my Semogue Owners Club boar in cherry a little more to break it in, and it is my favorite, but all see almost equal use.


I have 14 brushes in my rotation and change the brush after two days. If I don't like a brush it does not stay.
I enjoy the variety, so I just follow a simple daily rotation. I do look forward to using my Rudy Veymac 2-band. :thumbup1:
I use my Omega boar just about every day. I have a Whipped Dog badger but I only use it about once every other week or so. I just prefer the feel of the boar and I really like consistency over variety so I'm not inclined to rotate hardware. I will occasionally rotate between soaps or creams but I will stick with the same software for at least a week or 2 before switching.