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Do You Drink Your Coffee Black?

Another Psychopath here... another thing I like about black coffee is that I only have to wash the cup once every couple of weeks... nothing grows in there.
For me it depends on how it was prepared.

Espresso and Aeropress = Black
Filter, French Press = With some milk or cream, but no sugar
After drinking the Archived Coffee at Lackland AFB, brewed by the way in 1947 and just added to black is the only way.. Well except for Cafe con Leche, Puerto Rican Coffee That stuff makes Expresso look like water
I would like to challenge their claim, as I have proof that white coffee drinkers can also be a Psychopath.
We have a very large red head in our office who is "special" she drinks white coffee.
How else are you supposed to drink it, at what point does it stop being coffee and it's just "coffee flavored beverage"? :001_tongu

Black - always.
For me, it depends on who makes the coffee. If I am visiting my BIL I drink it black. However, in my house I do add some half and half. My wife loves Starbucks French Roast and we make it VERY strong. Just a bit of cream takes away the bitter taste. When I make the coffee for myself, I don't add anything. Plus, with expresso I like it without anything added.
My first year of college my mom came to visit and we went for breakfast at a diner right by campus. I was all proud to show her that I wasn't a kid anymore. And I was especially proud to show her that I was now a coffee drinker! So I ordered a cup with breakfast.

My coffee arrives and I immediately grab the cream and sugar and start dumping it into my cup of coffee (at that time I had to make it taste like coffee ice cream). So my mom looks at me with distaste and asks, "What. Are you doing??"

"I like it with cream and sugar." I said.

So she barks at me, "Don't do that." "If you're going to drink coffee drink it like a man. Drink it black."

The wind was immediately taken out of my sails. But I tell you this. I have had my coffee black ever since that encounter.

So thanks mom. Thanks for making me a psychopath.
An interesting study finds those who like their coffee black and other bitter things are signs of a psychopath! :001_07:

Count me in.

I drink double shots straight.

Sounds like these researchers have spent too long drinking Starbucks french roast or gasoline station swill. A psychopath may like bitter black coffee like a homeless drunkard loves cheap wine, but that does not mean that everyone who likes Two Buck Chuck is a researcher.
I've been doing french press lately and like to drink mine with some frothed skim milk. Never any sugar. When I get an espresso, I typically put one sugar in there. Nothing else. But make no mistake. I'm still crazy. At least that's what my wife is always saying to me.
So... People are crazy because they like coffee-flavored coffee. But adding a bunch of stuff to cover up the flavor of what you are drinking, rather than drinking something else is perfectly sane?

If you only drink French and Italian roasts, then I can see why you might not like black coffee. Try some lighter roasts.
I take my first cup black, the second cup with a little sugar and half & half. I haven't read the article so what does it say about having it both ways?

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