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Do you apply a Fragrance in addition to your Aftershave? If so, when?

Do you apply a Fragrance in addition to your Aftershave?

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  • No

  • Occasionally

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Since Aftershave is usually short lasting I do it all the time. I usually start the day with a shower followed by a shave and then breakfast. By the time I am getting dressed the Aftershave scent has usually worn off.
I usually shave first thing and apply an aftershave. I’ll usually do a few shots of complimenting cologne on my way out he door to work, which is usually within 45 minutes after shaving.
If I don’t have a matching cologne then I’ll usually do another quick splash of aftershave on my way out the door.

I’m pretty picky as I tend to purchase the entire line of a product so I have matching scentS from shave cream to cologne and I never mix and match.


Aftershave: Fine Italian Citrus
Fragrance: Shades Of Blue For Men EdT Spray (Belcam Version Of Light Blue Pour Homme)
Nice combination. Layers well. :)


The Aussie Bulldog
I used to use Emu Oil Lotion as an aftershave balm and then either use a spray cologne or dribble some aftershave on my chest for the smell. Now I mainly use proper aftershave balms and then do the same with the spray Cologne or the proper aftershave. Otherwise to me there is far too many smells going on especially when you add some deodorant. If in the event I am only using a proper aftershave then I will apply the aftershave and nothing else.
I mostly use cologne after shower, so the days when I shave before shower I do use cologne post taking my shower and the days when I shave after shower I use cologne first and then go for shaving. For me aftershave and cologne/EDT are unrelated stuff intended for different purposes.


HELP! Scotty's beamed me up to a strange (i.e. unknown to me [till now]) sub-forum. :scared:

But I'll play. I voted "no." I usually always finish my shave with an aftershave splash... which I enjoy at the time but am glad that is dissipates within ~two hours. The thought of having a scent clinging to me for longer than that (i.e. from EdTs, EdPs, etc) just turns me off.

I'm happy just smelling like "me" for the rest of the day. :laugh: :001_tt2:
My aftershaves are either nonscented (i.e. Nivea) or fade very quickly (I.e. Lucky Tiger). So I often wear cologne applied before leaving the house as I don’t have aftershaves that serve in that way.

That said, I have Clubman and Stirling Executive Man aftershave balm on the way, so those products may be different.
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