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Do Treet blades have a reputation for rusting?

Good afternoon.

Before today's shave with the Nacet blade I was going to give the Treet Dura-sharp blade another chance. However I noticed that the blade edges were covered in rust which I found very odd as I've never had this issue with any other blade before. I did shake my razor to dry it as much as I could before storing it away. Luckily the rust didn't spread and damage my Sledgehammer.

This issue has put me off using Treet blades again. I won't be using them anymore.

Thanks for your replies. Like I said I've never had this issue with any other blades I have. I'll try a new Treet blade on my next shave and see what happens. Unless I have a duff pack of blades.

Not mentioned yet is that many of the Treet blades are carbon steel. Those rust quickly if they are not completely dried. The suggestions that I’ve seen is that you dip the blades in alcohol after every shave to remove the water from them so as to avoid rusting.
It's not that the blades are Treet brand, it's that those blades are made of coated carbon steel. Once the coating is worn off the edges, the steel can rust. It's just Chemistry. Treet does make stainless steel blades, also.

If you keep your carbon steel blades dry and out of a humid environment, you should not have much problem with rust. If you want to take it further, after each use, rinse off the blade, dip it in a mixture of alcohol with a small amount of mineral oil, and put it out to dry away from the bathroom somewhere until you need it again.
I usually get around 6 shaves with various Treet carbon steel blades before rust becomes an issue. The lanolin in some soaps helps prevent rust. I don't do anything special - I leave the blade in the razor, rinse, and put away.
I've been shaving my way through all the current carbon-steel Treets on this thread and haven't had a issue with them rusting. I don't think alcohol and oil are necessary, although I do dry and store my blades in a tin with little silica gel packets between shaves. I'm not sure this does anything, as the tin isn't airtight, but I've gone a up to week of every-other-day shaving on a blade. (For what it's worth, the discarded Treets in my recycling tin also show no signs of rust.)
I'm in the process of evaluating a buncha' Treet Carbon blades for use in some of my older vintage Gillette razors. They work well in the older models, and not so great in the new models. I never worry abut rust, since, for me, the Carbon blades seem to be a one and-done use.
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