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Do the Twist

So my beloved Merkur HD is starting to lose its chrome on the underside of the cap and I can see rot starting to come through after a mere 9 years of daily use.

I considered just getting another one but the looks of the Muhle R89 Twist drew me in. I prefer two-piece razors and the Twist looks to have a higher level fit and finish than the Merkur.

I don’t expect much of a learning curve. Hoping the Muhle works as well for me with the Astra and Nacets that I stocked up with.
I had one, but water and corrosion accumulates in the inside of the handle and needed pulling apart and cleaning regularly.
So my package arrived yesterday and it was wrong. I ordered at R89 Twist and it was a standard R89 with black handle that arrived.

Oh well. It’s going back and the replacement is already on the way. Should be here Friday so fingers crossed they send the right one this time.

And I was so looking forward to trying it out this morning.
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