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Do Schick Hydro Carts fit a Personna handle and vice versa?

Simply as the title implies. Both the Hydro razor and the Personna cousin (i.e. Walmart 5 blade razor) use the same type of heads from the looks of it. Question is, are these heads interchangeable at all?
Yes and possibly No, the EasyFit 3 and 5 use the Hydro connect adaptor, you can remove the adaptor and the cart becomes a Hydro mk1 and can be used on a new Hydro handle. I haven't tried putting a Hydro mk2 on a Hydro connect adaptor, so can't answer the second part of the question.
I bought what was advertised as Personna cartridges for Gillette Fusion handles from Amazon. What it actually was is Easy Fit cartridges (an Edgewell brand) that are essentially orange and black Schick Hydro 5 cartridges made to dock up to the Fusion handle. There is no adapter. Packaging identified them as EasyFit. Personna was nowhere on the packaging. They also fit EasyFit handles.

Although they seem a little bulky on the Fusion handle they shave well and so far are lasting longer than Fusion cartridges.
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