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Do people ever think you are nuts?

I have a few odds and ends. I am very particular about pens. I am a wet shaver though still user a cartridge razor--please don't hate me for that.

Anyhow, on the rare occasion that shaving comes up as discussion--people think I am flipping wierd. One guy was telling me about all the pain he has after shaving so he can't shave daily, another how he can only use an electric shaver (makes me skin crawl just to think about it). People ask if I have used the newest razor--not often but sometimes its discussed. So I suggest that they get an entry level badger brush and a good glycerin shave soap and they think I am outta my mind.

Do you even try. Do you stay in the closet about wet shaving? coming out only with the saftey of the internet? Have you been able to get people to see the light?

If people bring the subject up, I wax poetic. Otherwise, I keep mum. My friends know I'm a bit of a geek about other things anyway (computers, homebrewing and winemaking, politics, many other topics), so they sort of expect soapboxing from me.

Generally speaking, though, people don't want to be evangelized to unless whatever they're currently doing isn't working for them.

I have proselytized two fellows at work to the First Church of the Merkur DE and Badger Brush. There are those that think we are (choose one):
  1. Eccentric
  2. Cute
  3. Nutz
but then again, that's what makes horse racing!!!:001_smile


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My wife thinks I'm nuts, but I don't know if it has anything to do with shaving.:001_rolle
i'll have to throw in a vote for my wife thinking i'm nutty about this too. a few months back is was a mach3 and some generic stuff guy now there's all kinds of things filling the counter.

i never comment about her bazillion mary kay things...

Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) thinks I'm nuts. No exceptions.
Fortunately there's a whole community of like-minded nuts out there who understand (or this site is just a figment of my warped imagination...)
Oh yeah, people think I'm nucking futs. One day, a friend of mine saw my B&B DVD laying on my xbox and was like "what in the hell is this?" and he was uncontrollably laughing.

Their loss. :001_unsur
most people would rather sit a ***** about thier present condition than get up and do something about it. No matter what the topic is.

Look around you and listen. overweight, under educated, poor job, etc etc.....

I was asked by a young man about shaving. After telling him about it, he looked at me like I was wierd. Gee, it's been over a year and he still can't get a good shave and hates to do it.

I usually tell them "you won't believe it but I just love to shave."

mark tssb
I make no bones about advocating traditional shaving whenever I get a chance. Yes, there are some folks who think I'm nuts (my boss particularly), but most are either skeptical, bemused or curious. With the skeptical and curious ones I make a challenge: spend $5 on a cheap boar brush and $1.25 on a puck of Surrey shaving soap (both available locally) and just try it (I give 'em some pointers on lather generation and technique). So far I've converted six people, including the Chief Information Officer of a university, who have all since moved on to better products. My boss still thinks I'm nuts. *shrug*

my wife tells me I've become a certified shave freak, not geek! Yeah, she thinks I'm a bit nuts! (but in a good way!)

I haven't converted anyone. I'm a black sheep when it comes to interests/hobbies. :rolleyes: :biggrin:

My other hobby is knife collecting. So when I picked up this hobby, it wasn't looked at any differently by my wife or co-workers. My wife is pretty understanding about all of it, and has actually gotten into both hobbies (although much more mildly). The co-workers have started coming around to things -- less shocked about it and now more curious on occasion.
I think presentation and timing are everything. I may mention wet shaving in passing, but I only give more information when asked for it. You can lead a horse to water...

You have to view non-wet shavers as addicts. Deep down, most of them know what they are doing isn't really good for them. Hell, they don't even enjoy doing it. It is, however, up to them to seek help. Until they reach the point where they are resolute in their decision to make a change, they won't. Even if you could talk them into trying wet shaving, they are not committed to it and they will give up before they get over the learning hump. All we can do is let them know that there is an alternative. They have to seek out the knowledge and make the decision on their own.

People don't think I'm crazy because I don't behave like a zealot. I'm more than happy to help if they ask, but I'm not going to dole out lashings with a badger brush for those who refuse to listen.

since i have joined the ranks of the wetshavers, my wife loves my face even more. in fact, when she watched me , she pointed out that her dad shaved this way and she used 2 buy his blades at the store. he just recently passed away b4 i started wetshaving:)frown: ) and i missed out on some original gillettes( my wife threw them out)- cest la vie.

i have talked with 2 other gents i see on a regular basis and have turned them on to the main websites for equipment- one of them has already placed his order and the other will sometime this week!

i'll keep yall posted on what happens next.

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