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Do not wash razors with vinegar !!!!!!!!

Hello a warning to all do not wash your vinatage razors with vinegar.
I made the mistake of having just pure vinegar in a pan and heating it for 10 minutes with 3 razors.

I forgot I should have added some water to dilute the vinegar a but would I have done that I would have been ok ,and never boil the vinegar +water longer then 3-4 minutes would be my advice.

I did a 10 minute only vinegar boil thing and the vinegar eats its way thru the chrome finish. leaving behind rust spots. you think its rust but its actually the paint that is now discolored.

I see someone did it to the Fatboy aswell I received because I thought those little rust spots ill get them off but its discolorisation. due to vinegar.

The lady gillette is ok the only thing that got damaged there was on the plate that closes one side of the plate looks a bit roughed up not as shiny as was before. my Thin Gillette same thing on one side of the plate that closes and inside the handle on the bottom major discolorisation .

The superspeed under the hood total discolorisation its all now brassy colour like gold. like and the handle also brassy as if its now 200 years old look.

I think it could also be that I took out the razors out of the vinegar yesterday put them down on a plate and forgot to wash them off and the vinegar ate thru the metal the whole night..

let this be a warning for all.. suddenly my FB is now my prettiest razor in the collection... I'll need to hunt for a new thin and Superspeed all over if I want them like the original colour. :mad:
Hello Rene,

thanks for the warning I suffer with you:frown: :frown:

I've bought overall now 3 Gillette razors from an e-bay seller, they were all okay, only the last one an Adjustable long handle was a little dull, so I take a piece of polish wool and sprayed a little BALLISTOL on the dull areas, then I polished it.

Works wonderfull and now the razor is shiny...:w00t: :w00t:

I use BALLISTOL also to protect my straight razor for rust, it's really a great stuff.


it might be because you didn't wash them off.....you would've noticed the discoloration when you took them out if it ws because the vinegar was boiling. i've put a gold razor in pure vinegar for 10 to 15 minutes with no bad damage.
The good news though is my Ozone machine finally came from China and this time its the European version with the right power connector on it.

Im going to Ozone blast the Razor to make them Sterile much safer much quicker. Im also going to see if Ozone blasting the Water you use in the Sink to wash off the excesive hair and lather while shaving if it does improve less burn on the skin. Ozone is a very undervalued aid in life I read plenty of it have experience none. but it could also help to prevent breakouts on the skin I have a feeling for it..be carefull thought ozone is not a TOY AND can not be compared to an Ionizer.

thanks all for the symp. that sucked ruining my razors... you might quite be so right Joseph I normally never ever let stuff in Vinegar its acid asking for trouble I always wsh them off by boiling them in hot water with nothing in it aswell this time didnt...
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