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Do not do what I did

I traveled to Chicago on business this week. I looked forward to a visit to Merz downtown. While there I picked ulp several items, including a couple of the new aftershave scents from Pinaud. When packing to leave, I crammed my new purchases into my suitcase and headed back to Michigan. When I got home and opened my suitcase I noticed a strong scent from my suitcase. The Speik shave stick was sopping wet. The Irisch Moos cologne box was equally saturated. The bottle of Pinaud Brandy Spice aftershave was completely empty. Yikes. Upon inspection the bottle still had the protective cellophane around the cap but the cap was loose. Lost out on a new bottle of aftershave, but my suitcase smells really nice.
At least it was not THE VEG that "got away"

Happened to me with Kahlua. While I'd rather drink the Kahlua than the aftershave, I'd rather have the aftershave scenting my luggage.


Check Out Chick
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I try to avoid liquids when traveling as I had a similar thing happen years ago with some Brut.
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