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Do Mixed Badger and Boar brushes break in?

I recently picked up a Semogue SOC mixed badger and boar brush.

I have plenty of badger brushes and a few boars.

My experience is that a badger brush really doesn’t break in (I could be wrong).

Boar brushes should break in with regular use.

What can I expect with this mixed brush?

Will the boar hair break in while the badger remains intact?

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.
Yup, the boar splits and the badger mostly stays the same. Overall the knot will get nicer. Imo SOC boar bristles take way longer to break in compared to most Omega boars.



Current state - middle row on the right

I have 6 mixed brushes from Semogue and love all of them. I also have some badgers and some boars. I rotate through them all and enjoy each for what it is.
I’ve had a few SOC brushes - I would say somewhere around 20-30 lathers is where I felt… hey this is different.

Wonderful brushes and worth having the knot, absolutely love the taj resin handles, too.
I found that my Semogue SOC Mistura broke in very quickly. Nowhere near as long as most of my pure boar brushes. Maybe a handful of shaves.
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