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Do I stand a chance?

I've been trying to grow a beard during this lock down phase.. been going on since about Mar 30. I wasn't totally clean shaven at that point either.

Any chance to fix this curly terrible looking thing? I died with just for men..since my hair is white grey silver red and a little brown.. to fill it in quicker.


I’ll give you the same advice I give to guys struggling with going bald...

Assume that the worst pictures of your hair/beard are what you look like all the time.

If you don’t like how it looks, no one else does either.

If your beard is sparse and you need to dye it for it not to look terrible, you’re not a beard guy.


Here I am, 1st again.
Keep it up. And come back later and ask again.

Isn’t ‘Just for Men’ something that has a warning on it?
Looks good man, keep it! If that's really only a few weeks growth it will fill in better in a few more. I wouldn't bother to dye it myself, but if you like it darker go for it. Mine is a mixture of reds whites and browns and I kind of like it that way. I know a lot of people assume I'm 10-15 years older than I really am. it I just figure that's extra years of respect I get. Are you trimming out around the soul patch? I sometimes do that when I have a shorter beard, but it's been a while since I had a shorter beard. I trimmed back to about a 6-8 month beard last spring, but now it hangs about 10-11 inches below my chin.
You haven't let it grow for long enough. You need a month or two of uninterrupted growth to see what you're working with. You can't cheat that process. And to me, dying your beard is a waste of time and money.
+1. You need a good 6 weeks to wait for a very short trim of just the ends and maybe shape it along.
This. And honestly, I would argue against shaping it too early because someone might not get the full scope of what they're working with if they're constantly shaping it or lining it up.
You gotta grow it for 3 months, according to most bearded guys. Then you can assess the situation. I think you're on your way. It doesn't look bad at all.

I suggest a brush to brush it down every day to start "training " your beard to lay down. Also use beard balm or beard butter.
Thanks for the input guys. I just died it partially out of boredom, partially to keep my significant other happy.. it was looking really thin from a distance with such light colour hair. I've been trimming with scissors here and there.. I'll stop all that and be patient. Cheers all.
Control GX beard wash will keep it colored, and doesn't dry the hair nor turn weird.....

Grow it 2-3months at least and do not trim hairs, just comb and use some balm. Beard brand has a lot of vids.
Yeah I'm going to advise a full 3 months. Give yourself a chance to see what you can do. By from what I could see in the pics you posted, you'll have a full beard in no time.

As far as fixing it, yeah I know what fixes it. It's time. Time fixes most facial hair kerfuffles. Keep growing, you'll like what you see.

Rusty Blade

I think your beard looks fine. It suits your face shape. Dont be discouraged. Try letting the natural colours shine through. Graying beards look very cool. If you feel it is too straggly or sparse try trimming it frequently to get consistent length.
Yeah, Id say it looks just fine. Its not as if you have any big patches or bald spots. Maybe try throwing a bit of beard balm in it and combing it every day to help straighten and train the hairs but Id say youre doing just fine.