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Do I need to clean the blade between shaves?

I just got a Merkur Hefty Classic about 10 days ago and I have been loving it. I was just wondering: do I need to clean the blade between shaves? When replacing a blade, I have noticed some buildup of stuff on the blade. Should this be cleaned even though I am not changing the blade? Or is a good rinse under the tap sufficient?
Just rinse and you are fine. When you change blades, if you want to scrub it a bit to get off soap scum you can do that. I keep an old toothbrush under the sink for this purpose. Don't do it with a blade in it, obviously.
Rinse and tap. I also blot to remove some of the water off the razor. Don't wipe as it will dull the blade.
Just a simple rinse is AOK--no need to get obsessive over this stuff. Its just a razor.

I'm sorry. . .I can't believe I just typed that. Mea culpa.:biggrin:
Rinsing with warm to hot water will be more efficient with cold water if you can't get enough water pressure on the blade.
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