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Do I need a Puma?

I'm circling around vintage Puma razors on the Bay for some time now but haven't pulled the trigger yet. They seem to have a very good reputation as being fine shavers but I find the design rather unexciting (mostly round point shouldered hollow grinds with plain plastic scales). Is that Pumaster steel that good or is it just marketing? Any first hand experience to share?
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I bought one off the bay for around $70, and it came in great condition in the box and is one of my best shavers. That being said, how many of up purchase our razors based on need​?
I bought a No 1 off of Luc here, with a fair bit of wear on it. That's not a problem, but I'm kinda meh on it, because I really prefer anything to a round point, and one scale warped. The steel's good enough, takes a good edge.
I wondered too, so I picked up a nearly mint 89 off BST. Great shaver, but I don't use it too often. I'm not sure why.
What I've heard from experienced shavers who are in contact with old razor masters in Solingen is that these masters consider Pumas to be terribly overrated and not very rare. Great PR, but really nothing special in terms of quality, just like Dubl Ducks. Or so I've heard. Me, I don't bother with them as they demand prices I don't deem them worthy of, no matter how good they might shave.

Most of them are probably very able shavers, but then again, so is a Wester Bros. Manganese Steel and any random ERN.
Gotta agree with the others. The one I had was a perfectly serviceable razor, but eclipsed by many, many others at a fraction of the price. You'll find that razors come into fashion and then go out of fashion and right now the Puma is pretty heavily sought after. If you're curious though, the only way to find out is to get one.
There is a shoulderless model that looks a bit better. It is not a very wide blade though, something like a 9/16 or so I think.
As for the shave, I was not too excited to try yet another German blade but I finally got myself to hone one of the 6/8 I had lying around and I have to say it does feel very nice.
I like it so much I think i'll get one rescaled.
The puma bug hits me every couple months, lasts a bit and then dissipates. I've never had one but the size is what keeps me away. If there were some 7/8s instead of 5/8s I'd probably be less reticent about abstaining.
6/8 are not as common as 5/8 and 4/8 but you find them. I have seen bigger than that but I have not managed to get my hands on one.
The 6/8 being true 6/8 are pretty good size though if you find one that has not been honed slim.
I guess that this whole Puma steel business is pure marketing. Solingen steel is Solingen steel be it on a Puma or a Dovo. Nothing special there. What I really like about the Pumas is the simple no nonsense design and the case. Is this genuine wood?
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I guess that this whole Puma steel business is pure marketing. Solingen steel is Solingen steel be it on a Puma or a Dovo. Nothing special there. What I really like about the Pumas is the simple no bull**** design and the case. Is this genuine wood?

the Puma lines appear to me as one of the more gaudier of straights which is why i stay away from it.. gold wash/etchings all over the place, Puma Gold, High Class 91, Puma No.1938, Puma Special, Puma Silber, rubber tangs...

the case is def plastic.. on the ones i have seen..


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I have three, and all are exceptionally good shavers. Better than a same-period Boker, ERN, etc? Not better but easily as good. They're conventionally designed for the most part, better constructed than most, and have comfortable tangs and scales. They put together a nice total package that's very good at everything but maybe not exceptional in all categories.

I'm not a big fan of gold wash and some "artwork" either, the Puma designs are better than some and worse than others.

As long as you don't grossly overpay, I don't think you'll regret a purchase, they're nice well made razors. As are many others.

Cheers, Steve
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