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Do I Need a Face Moisturizer?

Since I started DE shaving this year my face has been getting more attention than ever. Before this, in my 35+ years of cartrige shaving, I'd do quick, 1 pass shaves on weekdays, never shave on a weekend or vacation or days off. I also never used any pre or post shave products.

Now I shave daily. I use all kinds of soaps, I'm smacking alcohol based aftershaves all over my kisser, I've got witch hazel, balms, and all kinds of stuff being rubbed around these days. I've read about men moisturizing daily before bed and some after immediately after shaving. Many say that it makes their shaves better as well.

So now I'm asking myself "Do I need to moisturize?"

I tried looking online for a product and was overwhealmed with choices. Anti-aging ingredients? SPF? Liquid? Cream? And the reviews: this one's too oily, this one blocked pores, this one caused acne. Then there's the prices. $50? $35, $9. Is this a "you get what you pay for" situation?

Any advice is appreciated.
You don't "need" a moisturizer. You can always drink more water. Moisturizers don't introduce water to the skin it seals in your moisture and slows evaporation. They are helpful to me due to the environment I live in. I try to use a matching AS with an ASB. I will reapply as needed and before bed. A good ASB is a moisturizer.


I use a moisturiser after every shave. I only use balms when a Shave has gone South and caused me some concern. I just use a cheap Emu Oil Lotion here in Australia. It works for my skin and it doesn’t really have a smell so when I apply it to my face, I can still use a spray cologne or dribble some after shave down my chest for the lovely aroma. Best thing is to give a cheaper moisturiser a go and see what you think. No point in buying a costly moisturiser if you decide after a couple of applications that it is not for you.


On the advice of two dermatologists, I use a moisturizer particularly at night before retiring. I happen to use CeraVe p.m. because it has ceramides and hyaluronic acid help condition your skin.
On the advice of two dermatologists, I use a moisturizer particularly at night before retiring. I happen to use CeraVe p.m. because it has ceramides and hyaluronic acid help condition your skin.
+1! CeraVe makes excellent products! I use their moisturizer with sun screen during the summer.


You need to answer your own question, really. Is your skin dry? Moisturizers can be nice, but you don't need one unless, well, you need one.

If you aren't allergic or otherwise sensitive to lanolin, you can pick up a travel bottle of Lubriderm for a couple bucks and see if that makes any difference. That's hardly my favorite product, but it's cheap and readily available, and it should let you know where you stand. If you are sensitive to lanolin, there are similar, lanolin-free options out there. I can't rattle off many, but I know Burt's Bees has a pretty good one.

Just FYI, my favorite moisturizing balm at the moment is Lucky Tiger Face Moisturizer. It only takes a dab to cover a wet face, does a great job, and leaves no residue.
A lot depends on the environment in which you live. Those who live on the hot, humid Florida coast probably need a sunscreen. Those in the deserts of Arizona probably need all the moisturizing they can muster.

If you skin is too dry, I would suggest that you eliminate the alcohol-based aftershaves for several week and see if that helps. If you are using those products for the scent, splash them on your arms and chest rather than your face.

You did not mention which shaving soaps you were using, but many of the artisan soaps are formulated with ingredients designed to moisturize and condition your skin. If your skin feels dry after the shave, either try a different soap or use a post-shave balm. If that still does not help, then use a moisturizer.
You don't "need" a moisturizer.
At least I don't....or won't. I'm in my 70s and never use lotions or sunscreen on my face or body, despite what my dermatologist preaches. I hate the feel of anything greasy or oily on my skin. My face "moisturizer" is a hefty splash or two of Dickinson's Witch Hazel, after a shave or shower, and every aftershave I've used for 55+ years has contained alcohol. My skin prefers alcohol, both external and internal.

I also can't stand jewelry (rings, watches, etc) against my skin, so take my "moisturizing" opinion with a grain of salt. You need to find a common ground that works best for you.