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Do glass cups resist tea stains better?

There are some times where I might not be able to do more than rinse a cup under the tap.

Coffee rinses right out without a problem, but tea usually clings to the white surface making it progressively darker with each cup and look dirty.

Do glass cups better resist this staining? Can one hope to just rinse it under the tap to get it clear?


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I use the sponge with a scouring pad backing and a quick spray of Clorox (basically anything bleach-like will work) to tackle those tough stains.
I use the sponge with a scouring pad backing and a quick spray of Clorox (basically anything bleach-like will work) to tackle those tough stains.
Just a pinch of baking soda and dish detergent will work, which is what I do at home. I really don't want to do mess with that at work.
I'm a real dummy!


I already have some microwave safe glasses. So I'll make tea in those to see what happens, then decide whether or not to get the glass cups.

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Corelle is glass. Looks like porcelain.
Tea stains come off easy.
Thanks, I didn't know that. I was thinking of getting Duralex, but adding Corelle gives me additional options.


Glass is best...You can return glass to "as new" condition by a quick massage using either of the Bon Ami cleansers and a damp cloth.
I had an aunt that always drank her tea out of glass mugs/cups. She said they had a better taste than from coffee mugs. The glass sometimes clouds from minerals in the water/dishwasher but I don't recall tannin stains.


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Put some damp sugar or salt in the stained mug and use your thumb to rub it on the stains ... they come right off.
My coffee cup was picking up tea stains as well.
We were given a double wall clear plastic or type resin mug to reduce sweating with a cold beverage.
Anyways it has not picked up tea stains, i rinse it out, it handles about 20 oz and being clear lets the tea color shine thru.
I can look up the brand if anyone is interested.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

Made three teas in the glass today without rinsing it out all day. There are no tea stains to be seen. A quick rinse and wipe with a tissue and it was sparkling.

So I guess my teeth take the brunt of the staining instead of the cup---I'll have a Royal Family smile in no time:001_tongu
I give all our coffee cups and tea glasses a periodic soaking in a oxygen based cleaner/bleach. I bought a container of some "totally awesome orange" from "LA" branded powder at my local dollar store and it is enough to clean the stains from many cups.
The best way I've found of cleaning tea ware (works with coffee stains too) is bicarbonate of soda and citric acid (powdered). 2 tablespoons of each per litre of warm water and then just wipe clean when the fizzing has stopped. It also has the benefit of being completely food safe.