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Do form fitting underwear trap the heat? And other questions

I wanted to know what you thought...

Do you think underwear like boxer briefs, Trunks or briefs (for that matter,) trap the heat?

Is there any underwear out there, that keeps you cool and comfy? (Not many posts on the net mention the "cooling" aspect the the underwear. "cooling"; as in keeping you cool and dry...

After doing some research, I bought 1 pair of Mack Weldon's AirknitX Trunks. With well over 900 reviews on his website, they received a 5 star rating.

The question goes to whether I should buy more trunks, and would an all cotton fabric perform better (in hot weather) than a synthetic fiber underwear for keeping me cooler?

I also have my eye on SAXX, underwear, which have (to use their phrase,) ballpark technology.

My question is, wouldn't having a piece of soft cloth in the left and right inguinal areas, wouln't that trap only more heat?

Cotton underwear trap the heat, retain sweat and moisture.

For the last year have been using synthetics from SAXX and Adidas which are much more comfortable and stay dry or at least dry much ore quickly. The cut and style of the SAXX are much more comfortable than the Adidas with their apparent unfamiliarity with male anatomy. The SAXX come in a variety of fabrics and i find the most expensive pair i have, difficult to slide over my quads if i'm sweaty or damp after a shower. Soon as the bottom of the leg gets to the quad it stops sliding and you have to inch the leg up to get them on. The two other less expensive pairs slide over the quad with no issues and don't slide up once their on. All are boxer briefs as my preference would have been briefs but finding briefs in synthetic fabrics wasn't working out.

Cotton is the enemy.
Under Armour. I sweat more than anyone I know, plus I often work outside all day in the South Carolina heat and humidity. I'm dry all day. Worth every penny even at full price, but check places like Marshall's and TJ Maxx for discounts.
I like my Saxx boxer briefs for activewear; they feel "roomier". I've just tried them for the first time, but they do seem to fit a bit better in the front than some other brands. I generally prefer boxers when I'm not doing anything athletic.

I was wondering if the "Ballpark pouch" traps the heat, by placing even more fabric in the inguinal area versus, a pair of underwear without a ""Ballpark pouch"...


What design of the UA do you have? (They make more then one...)



For me it comes down to fabric, I love cotton and sometimes I just need to wear a pair of jeans even in the summer. However as someone pointed out it does trap heat and sweat etc.

I have some polypro pairs of underwear for summertime outdoor work and when I go hiking or camping. Generally wear cotton year round.
I work outside in 100+ degree heat in the summer 6 days a week. I live in the desert Southwest so humidity is not much of an issue until monsoons roll around then it goes for broke.

No matter what, sweaty uncomfortable nether regions are a given. I’ve tried many different brands but found my comfort zone. Manscape trimming and Duluth bullpen boxer briefs that do a fine job of moisture wicking. I demand natural fibers in all my other clothing but am sold on this combination. The lawn mowing was the key though. Much cooler.

I did get a pack of the fruit of the loom vented boxer briefs (I went on a trip and forgot to pack undies) and they did well until monsoons hit. Then they were unbearable.

I can’t do the cotton boxers. Good for you or not they are way too uncomfortable ten minutes after I get to work.
I will say that boxers are the coolest, but the fabric type makes a big difference as well (in general, synthetics wick whereas pure cotton stays damp for a long time)
It's been my experience, (albeit with my all cotton T-shirt) come the late afternoon, it is just clinging to my back. And that's with hair not being an issue...

I think of it this way: You've heard the expression, "Nobody wants to be a wet rag..." Well, that wet rag is the perfect description of cotton (under the right conditions) i.e. if you are sweating...In my experience, it just absorbs the moisture, and hangs on to it.
The boxer brief is too restrictive and clingy for me. I usually go with cotton boxers. Patagonia "silk" synthetic boxers are probably the coolest
I only wear MeUndies - Men - Undies - MeUndies

They are pretty darn comfy in the Tennessee heat and humidity.
You beat me to it! LOL. I have tried many different brands and each time I thought I had found the "one". UnderArmor, Exofficio, Adidas. The latest so far is MeUndies. Crazy huh! I had to laugh when my wife found them in the wash and asked who those belonged to. Why MeUndies? Doesn't sound like a mens underwear brand? Anyway, I get the trunk type because I don't like it going all the way down my leg 'cause they will usually ride up and I don't care for that. Yes, it is cotton but it is natural and I believe it is better for you. Ask any woman what her doctor recommends wearing if she has a lot of ummm, infections, and they always say.....cotton underwear. Anyway, I like them for what thats worth. Good luck finding your holy grail!

I dislike the feel of 100% nylon. I have only tried a few brands/styles but so far like the Hanes comfortblend the best, the ones with Rayon and very little to no cotton. Has a fabric weight and skin feel similar to cotton but dries out much more quickly.