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Do all shaving soap companies make bar soap?

I enjoyed the Pre De Provence No.63 and Sea Salt "soaps on a rope." I thought they were fairly priced at $10.00.
I spent $28.00 on a Musgo Real Classic "soap on a rope" because I love the scent and though it cleans well, I can't justify spending that much money on a bar of bath soap...
My current favorite bath soap is the Magno Brand by La Toja. It cleans well and smells great (fresh, clean scent but different than the shave soap or cream) and it's priced around $4-$5 a bar which I think is very fair...

I don't have any Stirling Soap products; that'll have to change.
MdC is awesome.

RazorRock used to make some fantastic bars.

MWF is another good one, huge bar.

Best I ever used was NancyBoy Signature. Best shave cream too. Sucks they won't ship to Canada any more.
Many companies that make shaving soaps got their start making bar soaps for hand washing and bathing. Then they decided to expand into shaving soaps. Some have been more successful than others as shaving soaps have different requirements. It is much easier to make a bar soap.

There are some companies that started out producing shaving soaps and do not offer soaps for handwashing or bathing.

I have had a few shaving soaps that did not meet my requirements for shaving, but I liked the scent, so I relegated them for use in the shower.
I use Kiss My Face fragrance free in a pump bottle in the bathroom but otherwise I use a bar in the shower (currently Magno, previously Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild for 2 decades) and Mitchell's Wool Fat (hand soap size) at the kitchen sink. I bought Speik liquid soap for an outdoor shower I sometimes use in the summer; looking forward to trying it out.


Ask me about shaving naked!
Let’s also not forget that AdP make a Colonia bar soap ….

There's been SO much talk about ARKO lately, y'all are making me use mine more often than I do.
$6 for a tallow soap, and half the price of one of the most touted tallow based soaps (won't name it) here at B&B. And I ain't talking about another favorite of mine - Tabac!
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