Do all boar brushes splay this way?

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    Notice how some of the bristles are 45-90 degrees in relation to the handle. I don't like that at all as it makes me get lather all over myself. I'm thinking about purchasing another boar brush (an omega this time), but if this effect is characteristic of boar brushes, I'd rather not. So is this normal, and do omegas boar brushes behave the same way? IMG_20180713_201926.jpg
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    That's not a brush mate - that's Cyndi Lauper.

    In all seriousness, I have several boar brushes and none have ever come close to that. Mine are Omega boar if it makes a difference.
  2. The SOC is prone to that wild splay. Omega boars and other Semogue models will not splay like that.
  3. Perhaps due to excessive smashing? Do you wash it out thoroughly after the shave and reshape?
  4. I don't smash it at all, and I do wash it very well and reshape after using it. I think that I received a defective brush because I've had it for a few months and it's still loosing hairs with every single shave. It also pretty hard to lather with this thing. It's by far my worst brush.
  5. Seems normal to me.
  6. A shame, it looks nice otherwise.

    My Omega Pro 49 splays our conically as does my AOS badger, but neither so severely.
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    My SOC boar looks just like that, it's normal for this brush model. It's the quality of the bristles and the density of the knot from everything I've read. I wrote up a 90 day SOC boar break-in with pics at different intervals and you can see it happen over time. The shedding issue isn't normal though, provided you're not submerging the handle or soaking it in boiling water (I doubt you're doing either). I've got a Stirling boar that's shed over 65 bristles and it's seen less than 75 lathers, it sucks but it happens.
  8. Get a low lofted Omega. Very nice brushes.
  9. You're right, I'm not. I submerge about 75% of the loft. I guess that I just had bad luck with this one.
  10. This is what I was thinking. I'm looking at the 10066. But still looking around, there are way to many options!
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    That's about how I soak all my brushes too. I'm not happy about my Stirling shedding and that's just a $10 brush, I can imagine how aggravating it is for you.

    The bloom on my SOC doesn't really bother me, I expected it to happen when I bought it. It's a 24mm that blooms like a 32 - or larger. It's very much a YMMV situation, some guys love huge brushes and others hate them. I'm flexible, I've got brushes from around 20mm to the SOC and Omega '98 (27/65). I enjoy them all.
  12. Connaught shaving has a new brush by omega with a low loft. I haven’t tried but I am tempted. They also have many other interesting omegas you don’t see elsewhere. 10066 is nice, but the loft to width ratio is a bit on the floppy side IMO.
  13. I'm looking to spend less than $15 shipped Lol. I'd rather save my money for razors :)
    I don't like floppy brushes either. Another one that I'm looking at is the 10290, I'm just not sure if it'll hold enough lather for 3+ passes. The orange handle looks very nice though.
  14. It's a bummer for sure.
  15. The 10066 knot is excellent but the handle is not as premium feeling as the SOC. It depends what you're after in a brush.
  16. If it costs $10, and it performs well, I'm happy :)
    I prefer badger anyways, but I would like to own at least one boar brush that I'm happy with.
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    My Omega '98 boars haven't blossomed like that, but my Semogue 2000 looks like a palm tree too. That said, I don't think I'd have a care-in-the-world about splaying to my heart's content with it. If it's going to do it anyway; how could I 'hurt' it? Note, a good tight tube will help keep it in line if you let it thoroughly dry before inserting.
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    Not all boars splay much at all. Your is much more splayed than mine.


    My SOC splays a lot, but not like yours. I like mine.

    RoseGold.Lisa'sOud.Mondial.640.7-9-18.JPG .

    My Mondial (above), and all of my Zenith boars (I have maybe five, several are below) and my good Omegas (one is below, the jade brush) do not splay like that.


    When your SOC is still pretty damp, right after you use it, put it inside an empty toilet paper cardboard tube. Leave it there for about two days to dry. It will assume a shape much like it had when new.

    I splay my brushes a lot while face lathering, but they resume something close to their original shape while drying. Of course, they don't look really new once they've been used nor would I want them to.

    Also, you can buy on eBay a SS pet comb for under $2 to comb your damp brushes.

    Advice: Buy a Zenith boar from the eBay vendor. I like all my Zeniths. There's a Zenith boar in your price range. Use the SOC, too, of course.

    Happy shaves,


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