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Do 3 piece razors have less blade chatter than TTO's?

For physical reasons, I think that blade chatter is related with blade exposure, and not the way it is clamped. The part that (or we feel that) vibrates of the blade is the exposed one.
I do not believe that it is fair to compare all TTO head designs to all 3-piece head designs. There are many 3-piece heads that clamp the blade well back from the edge of the cap. This cantilever design can lead to chatter of the blade for those who have coarse beards. For that reason, I do not like the Edwin Jager, Muhle, and Merkur 3-piece heads. However, there are some 3-piece heads that clamp the blade right up to the edge of the cap. These designs exhibit the least amount of chatter.

The big problem with TTO heads is that the clamping mechanism can loosen as you shave. I find it necessary to tighten the mechanism before every pass. As long as the mechanism is tight, there is little blade chatter.
I honestly and truly believe that most of the problems people describe with this process can be attributed to technique, and most notedly, shaving angle.
I encourage anyone having an issue to disregard the very common (and in my opinion, erroneous) advice to change razor, or change blade, or change soap etc.
Focus like a laser beam on the exact nature of how one is physically shaving in regards to angle, pressure and proper lubrication before dropping any dough on new stuff.
An unknown bad shaving angle will generally not be cured by getting another razor, one just winds up with several razors that don't seem to do the job.
There is absolutely a difference in angle of attack between many three piece and TTO razors, simply because of the geometry and head size involved.

And I'm not saying that buying enough razors to fill a football stadium is bad, as I have done that.
What I'm saying is buy a thousand razors because you like them, want them, or they just strike your fancy - not because one razor doesn't "work right".
Ok, next time I shave with my Slim adjustable, I'll focus like a Lazer. :eek2:


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I think some TTOs have poor and some exceptionally fine design and/or execution, and it may minimally contribute to blade chatter or lack thereof. However, likewise for three pieces. Very thin blades may also be a factor. Still, I agree that conscientious blade insertion and tightening plus good lather and technique ought to provide a chatter free shave. Once I dropped a new blade into my ATT Windsor and failed to align it with those micropins. I instinctively tightened it down and started shaving. Of course the blade was twisted, had a sloping reveal and gap, and looked totally odd, but it did not chatter. I quickly realized my error and fixed it. No blood was spilt.
I am with @luvmysuper and @kingfisher

My experience would indicate that the average difference between the two classes is dwarfed by the differences among the many representatives of each class.

My vintage Gillette TTO razors hold the blade very well and I never noticed any chatter.
My vintage Gillette 3-piece razors hold the blade very well and I never noticed any chatter.

The super cheap razors of either type that you see at Marshall's, etc. are crap, with cheap base metal that's too thin as well.
Those suckers chatter like magpies.
The only time I've witnessed blade chatter in a TTO, was just after I finished shaving, I loosen the knob to make it easier to rinse the razor out, then discover a few stray hairs short of a BBS later, then begin going back over my face with said razor, totally forgetting I had loosened the knob.

Yeah, hmm, the blotchy redness on my neck was real that day. Embarrassed to admit... :redface:
Hmm, my technique? my TTO's malfunctioning? Blade choice? I use Astra SP's exclusively, so maybe I need to try some different blades?

For some reason, my 3-piece razors just seem to feel different (better) than the TTO's in the comfort department.
Ya know, I have never used Astra SPs before last week. I had generally only heard positive things about them. I tried 2 from a sample pack on two separate new (to me, and also generally highly regarded) razors. The most gawdawful shaves I've had in a long time!😜

Switched to Feathers (knowing their strengths & weaknesses) and things were Very Good!

Not knocking Astras, they may work well for your beard & skin, I may have gotten a bad tuck, etc., etc., but it never hurts to try a couple of different blades.

All that to say, unless the TTO has a problem, there should be little to no practical difference in shave, compared to a 2 or 3 piece with the same gap & exposure.
For physical reasons, I think that blade chatter is related with blade exposure, and not the way it is clamped. The part that (or we feel that) vibrates of the blade is the exposed one.
I really don't think that it is the blade exposure itself that is the major factor in blade chatter.

Blade exposure is only going to vary by a very small amount from head to head.

The blade gap itself is likely to be the more significant factor. Large blade gaps mean less actual physical support for the blade itself. This allows more "flop" to the blade edge.

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I've been shaving for decades and have no idea about half the things, or more, you guys talk about. Blade chatter? I don't even know what that is so I googled it. Seems like most responses I saw were in the same camp as me. Filed under one more topic of no concern to me.
Ignoring threads like this might be a good strategy for you.
Yes, which is why I deleted that post a few moments after I wrote it. But as to ignoring stuff, thanks for the suggestion...

I'm the learning noob here on B&B. A lot of what I've picked up and repeated, is stuff I've read here on B&B. Hence, I repeated the term 'blade chatter' which I've read others talk about on B&B, thinking it was a commonly experienced and understood phenomena. Before a couple months ago, I had never even heard of blade chatter, let alone know what it means. If I'm using the term incorrectly, or using the wrong term, then just set me straight. I'm teachable, just educate me.

I feel like the child repeating words I hear my parents say, but I have no idea what they mean.

So, to try and explain purely from my perspective, it just seems like my TTO / adjustable razors don't feel as comfortable as my 2/3 piece razors. Exactly why that is, I don't know, I'm simply speculating and trying to put into understandable words what I *think* might be going on, but I may be out in left field. Whether it's blade movement, flexing, wobbling or whatever you want to call it, I was guessing that may somehow be a contributing factor.

Maybe it's all in my head and I just need to understand that because they are somewhat differently designed tools, that I just need to learn how to use them differently and that would solve the problem. Or, maybe I just need to not worry about it and shave with my 3 piece razors because those are the ones that seem to fit my style the best and I'm more comfortable with them.

:cool: Just chillin'
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