DIY solid cologne (Tabac scent), not desired results...

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Cachorro, Apr 20, 2017.

    I was doing some web surfing and found that there is this thing called "Solid Cologne", being a frequent traveler (business mostly unfortunately), I think that maybe a liquid free carry-on would improve travel experience (a lot of one day trips :thumbdown).

    I searched locally for shops that could carry some (I want to smell them before I buy it) and found none.

    So I decided to make my own... One part beeswax, one part coconut oil, one part Shea butter and a good helping of Tabac (which I have, is not expensive and I like).

    Well my kitchen smelled quite strongly and so did the final product, but next morning the scent was almost gone from the cologne.

    The pomade/balm was OK, nice as a moisturizer, beard pomade and even hair pomade (it holds it's shape), but the smell was all but gone.

    Has anyone tried to do this before?
    Should I use essential oils instead and make my own fragrance?
    Do I need a better cologne than Tabac?
    Should I just buy Alfred Lane and be done with it?

    Any and all comments are welcomed :001_smile
  1. I have no knowledge on how perfume is made, but I guess the alcohol and perfume oils from the Tabac evaporated into thin air if you added it to a very hot wax/coconut oil mixture. That's probably why you're kitchen smelled so good.

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  3. So that's a no go on my Tabac scented Solid Cologne????

    ... I need see about the essential oils then :)
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    Just get some little perfume spray containers. I think you can take it in small amounts?
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    Just buy yourself some quality solid perfume. Le Labo or Diptyque.
  6. I have done this with essential oils for travel before. The scent will hold much better that way. there are lots of scent charts out there that show you the way scents relate: top, mid and base notes. It's fun and doesn't take long.

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  7. Just make sure you source quality essential oils.

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  8. The idea is to have a liquid less carryon, but maybe a small amount would have to do.
  9. I can only find them online and I would like to smell them first
  10. Thanks, any suggestions on the solid part mixture?
  11. Get high quality beeswax pellets. You can get them in white or yellow. I prefer the white aesthetically. It can be bought at places like Bulk Apothecary or Piping Rock for about $8 a pound. I use the pellets because they melt quickly and evenly. You will also need a carrier oil. I used Sweet Almond oil the first time around because I was testing and wanted to keep cost down. In the future I will use jojoba oil because it is more stable and has a longer shelf life. Almond oil will turn rancid more quickly. You will need a double boiler system. You do not want the small pot you are mixing in to apply directly to your heat source. Instead of purchasing a double boiler, I boil water in a larger pot the place a smaller pot inside of it. Once your water boils, add 2tbsp each (or equal parts) beeswax and carrier oil. Add the beeswax first. As soon as it melts, add the carrier oil. Stir to mix. Then stir in your essential oil mix and remove from heat immediately and pour into your tin. You don't want your scent oils to evaporate. This sets up and gardens very quickly, so have your tin ready to go. You may want to mix your oils up a day or two before. I have seen recommendations of 40 drops per 4oz of solid mixture, but I have used less depending on scent. Pre-mixing allows you to assess whether you like the scent in a concentrated form. Keep in mind that it will mellow some when it is mixed in and sets up. I have found that this proportion fills most small tins or chapstick tubes. I prefer to make it in small batches because it is so simple and quick. I can keep it fresh and varied.

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  12. Whenever I make solid cologne for myself, friends, and family. I use, for my supplies one of 3 places

    Essential Oils, Soap Making Supplies & More | Bulk Apothecary
    Perfume Making Kits and Supplies | Vetiver Aromatics
    Perfumer Supply House – Supplier of Premium Ingredients for Fragrance and Aromatherapy

    I have found that for essential oils, beeswax, shea butter, containers, etc. these are the best suppliers. I make soap, solid cologne, beard butter, pomade, lip wax, and so on. I am not affiliated with any of these companies other than being a customer.
  13. In case the home project doesn't go as well as you'd like...
    Wet Shaving Products makes solid cologne and although you can't get a sample of the solid version you can sample all of the scents for about $1.50. You get a small vile.

    They have a few scents that I absolutely love and the people who like their stuff seem to really like it.

    They are an excellent company with great customer service to boot.
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    You know, the Tabac stick DOES resemble a deodorant stick.

    Could try rubbing it under-arm and see what happens. It surely will smell good ... when you wash your shirt.

    AA :a39:

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