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DIY show me stand. Let's see yours!!

Here's an idea simple and cheap as cheap gets! I accidentally found a Moonshine bottle cork from way back when I used to partake and thought to myself hey I bet ..so...I took a sharp knife to it and some 100 grit sandpaper paper... IMG_20191005_075830__01.jpg What's good is the cork is synth/rubber (any higher end single barrel likker bottle cork should have it) so it won't damage your heel at all...I split it, leaving a fin and there you go...simple show me stand! IMG_20191005_080921__01.jpg
I made the fancy aluminum one as well but this was about simplicity and something that anyone could do at home! IMG_20191005_081453.jpg Now let's see yours!! Any type any shape!


Got inspired by your suggestions...

$6 for four "stands" (rubber wine bottle stoppers)
10 minutes with a razor knife

No chance of scratching scales or damaging the heel edge.
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