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Thought I’d share some of my tinctures I make. Left to right. All local ingredients. Yuzu (Japanese citrus) seeds and skins in ethanol. Straight yuzu seeds in ethanol (long term high concentration), rosemary in ethanol, and several hundred year old camphor (sourced from local shrines) and rosemary in ethanol.

I’ve used these mixed with other light oils like argan, jojoba, lanolin, etc to make aftershaves. I’ve also added commercial oils like Hinoki, cedar, patchouli etc to make splashes, pomade, oils, and lotions. My latest creation is a natural deodorant in a roll on. Smells very earthy and leafy. Smell fades, but effect lasts 3 days without detectable body odor.

Anyone else playing at being a closet apothecary?
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