Ditching the badger

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Michaelp, Feb 17, 2019.

    I have only 2 brushes, 1 Omega boar and 1 Plisson synthetic. I would like to get another boar because I favor that over my synthetic. I want to try the Semogue SOC mainly because I love the handle.
  1. Yeah, if you prefer boar over synthetic, another boars is a solid bet. You might want to try horse at some point, but later is probably better.
  2. Start ordering some Omega boar brushes before it’s too late
  3. Thanks for pointing this out because I always thought I was an idiot because I not only find my brushes convenient in that they keep my hands from getting soapy and slippery but I also find that they perform in a way neither of my hands could as the consistency of lather I had when hand lathering was the worst!! Who'da thought that...

    eta... Never mind... I had idiot mixed up with a$$h0le!!
  4. Assyncrasy should be promptly added in the Urban Dictionary. :ciappa:
  5. Polarbeard

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    Badgers aren't rodents
    Mustelidae - Wikipedia
  6. I have a boar in the bathroom for daily use, a synth in the washbag for travel, and a second boar in the drawer as back up for emergencies. Never tried a badger, but my boar and synth give me what I need in their respective roles, so I'm not really tempted.

    Wow, Mike! My Omega boar is loading the PdP in about 25 laps since it dried out, and when I first moulded it into the pot after soaking, it only took five laps. That's intermittent contact too, as the sample doesn't cover the bottom of the pot.

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    I thought my boar loaded a lot quicker than my Silvertip, and it does. Loading my Silvertip with PdP... I'd be at it a while lol. My synthetic loads much quicker than either. It builds a lather quicker too and just as nicely as my Silvertip.

    My bowl lathering days are gone, for good.
  8. I don't bowl lather, I face lather. That's just the pot I moulded the sample into for loading from :)
  9. Esox

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    Oh, gotcha. When I see a bowl I think bowl lather. I forgot thats a sample.
  10. Doesn't matter. Still yucky to me. Even someone offers a $200 badger to me, I'd still decline the offer. Just not something I would use. I'm terrified of furry rodents that aren't dogs. The only furry animal I can stand is dogs.
  11. Then why you make a Dog shaving brush
  12. You need to do some reading about boars. One of the most disgusting animals, yet I still enjoy eating them and shaving with their hair.
  13. To me boars, because they can be eaten, is the lesser of two evils.
  14. Badger sounds more palatable than snails, squid, raw fish, and opossums to me. Might change my mind if I ever have a plate of badger in front of me though.
  15. To each his own I'd warrant, I've tried over some years to get to like boar brushes for shaving, and failed miserably

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