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I only use Gillette Mach 3 now until I receive my DE setup. I cannot use my cartridges for more than 3 shaves. First and 2nd shave with a cartridge are rather smooth (but not completely BBS) with limited (but present) razor burn and some irritation. The 3rd day in a row of a cartridge is harder for my skin.

I will soon give feedback on the DE experience.
I use Bic Metals when I can't travel with razor blades and they're excellent. They shave diferently to a DE and you have to learn how to shave with them.
I refuse to use a disposable....even before I got my straight razor.

I would use a Mach3 cartridge or an ATRA2 cartridge (back when I had my ralph lauren cartridge razor) for just one shave per cartridge, because I would always feel burn on the second shave.

...you can imagine how expensive that got....I eventually settled for shaving twice a week, or sometimes once a week.

....once I get the hang of the straight, it should be an every night affair. I prefer night, since I can take my time, and also go to bed with the nice smell of shaving soap.
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