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Display cases and storage options

I was wondering what everyone uses to store and or display their collections, particularly razors and brushes. I know a lot of guys only own what they can keep in their bathroom and I've seen just about every clever piece of bathroom shelving and cabinetry imaginable. But those of you who store larger collections, what do you use to store your straight, DE, SE razors and brushes/bowls etc? Can we see your setups? Thanks!
Hi...just to share mine...I am sure there will be more from others...
I too started from the bathroom but with the moisture and an expanding inventory...no choice..and this happened. An Ikea corner cupboard just outside the bathroom...slim and so far enough...so far..
Not much premium space left...
Razor container.jpg Razor container 1.jpg

Not really a display fellow myself. But I have just stored my left over DE's in a proraso red gift set tin. Rest of the stuff that I use is in a cabinet or in some drawers. (No pics of that)


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Good old ebay! :) I think i searched for clear acrylic display jewellery boxes or something like that. I had them for at least five years and they are still fine!
I'm nearly certain that the one my wife stores stuff in came from Meijer. (It's a chain grocery store up here in da state of "Southern Kanadia - AKA - Michigan's lower peninsula."
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