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Discussion Thread for Tony Miller Artisan Horsehide.....

I have the same strop. Mine originally came with a canvas back. I didn't like the feel of stropping a razor on the canvas because the surface is so rough and bumpy. It felt like the razor was skipping over the bumps, rather than rubbing along the surface, so I bought a linen replacement from Tony. The linen looks a little more rustic, but I much prefer the feel of it in use.

I don't notice a difference in the efficacy between the canvas and the linen, but I think the linen is worth the extra cost for the feel alone.
I agree that the horsehide is really a nice material, but you won't be missing much performance-wise if you go with the latigo. But my I have to tip my hat in favor of the honeybrown strop (no longer available) It has even less draw and simply whispers as you strop...you might as well wave your razor around in the air a bit, because that's what it feels like on the honeybrown.

I reach for the honeybrown and red latigo far more than the black latigo or horsehide
I have the version which I guess is the earlier one before it became the artisan model. It has the Linen strop but mine is pure white not the greyish color as Joel has. I alternate using mine with the latigo which I also have and I like em both. I don't really notice any difference whether I use the canvas or Linen though I think Joel is right that the regular leather is marginally better at producing the best edge though the Horse is a gorgeous strop. I have a vintage DD Horse strop which if you can believe it or not is even thicker than Tony's but that strop has different surface characteristics. Its not a soft to the feel but has more springyness to it. Maybe because of the unusual thickness, I don't know but to me that's the ultimate strop.
I have a 2.5' red latigo strop with the linen and the dual 3" horsehide (rough/smooth) strop. Both from TM. My vote goes for the horsehide. Especially the rough side. I prefer the draw and the somewhat stiffer strop. It's definitely a YMMV thing.

Tony Miller

Speaking of horse butts…
Thanks. Nice to get some feedback on the new design. Do you see advantages to the hand finished (buffed) side over the natural top grain (smooth) one? Would you buy that combo again of maybe feel the latigo/horse better? On a combo leather strop I always feel a high draw and a low draw component would compliment each other....high for heavy razors, low for light delicate razors or start on the high draw and finish on the smooth, low draw. I normally would have just made latigo/horse as a dual combo but quite a few asked for the dual horse with two different textures.

BTW, our remodel is coming along slowly. At least the clearing out phase was done yesterday and I will start building and reorganizing again today. Hopefully everything will be up and running again mid next week.


I love the combo (I was one of few that asked you for the rough/smooth option). I would order it again, yes. I use the rough side first and finish with the smooth.

There's definitely a difference between the two. The buffed horsehide has a lot more draw. Close and comparable to the red latigo but still different. I also love the natural coloring and the fact that the leather is somewhat stiffer. The smooth horsehide has basically no draw. For me it's more of a finishing strop. It's an extremely thick strop which I love.

Between the latigo and buffed horse (I don't think one should compare the latigo with the smooth horsehide) my preference goes for the buffed horsehide. If I were to buy another strop tomorrow I would go for buffed horsehide/linen or cotton. (only because I already have the buffed/smooth combo)

I have this small suede brush that I tried on the rough side and it actually works perfect to revive and raise the nap of the strop. Just use it with a very light touch. This will hopefully keep the strop's rougher side going for a long time as my only concern would be that the fibers may start to lay down after a while. That's why it's probably a good idea not to use any strop dressing or neat's foot oil on the buffed leather.

Tony Miller

Speaking of horse butts…
Thank you. This is the kind of feedback I need to plan future runs. I actually brush each oner before packing just to be sure the napp is raised and that is probably a good long term care idea. I'll add that to my next instruction sheet.

I too feel the Latigo and buffed horse are comparable in draw but slightly different in feel when stropping. I would think, and your experience confirms a latigo/smooth horse or a buffed/smooth horse combo are the best options if going for dual leather as the buffed horse/latigo would be too similar in feel. I would want a different response from each surface hence a high and low draw combo, or if choosing horse to use alone, pair the buffed with linen or smooth cotton. If using a horsehide after a latigo strop then the smooth would be a better choice.

Now I'd like to find customer feedback on my new smooth cotton from someone who has my original coarse texture or a smooth genuine linen component.

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