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Discussion thread for Penhaligon LP#9 review

Nicely done as usual Scotto! I will add this to the must sniff list!:thumbup:
When can we see a review of the Tea for Two?
I tried the LP#9 today, very sweet scent. The cinnamon is very pronounced in it. Definitely a great date scent. I think I would have been better off wearing it in the evening though, I got a little bit tired of it after about 10 hours of whiffing it. It seems to have tremendous staying power.
I got scotto's sampler today! Amazing packing, I was very impressed.

I'd already got a Penhaligon's sampler -- the bottles were all thrown in an envelope and the english fern broke -- the postal carrier (great lady) must've been overwhelmed.

In contrast scotto's packaging was unbelievable :)

Anyway, I tried it on, and it kept reminding me of something. And now I know: Opium. It's by YSL I think. It's much more complex though, and I don't have the atomizer, only a sampler.

Does anyone else think it's similar, or am I just crazy? :confused:
LP#9 is the Penhaligon's scent that is most similar to "department store" fragrances, if I may say so. Opium is similar, I agree. Needless to say, the quality of the LP#9 is very high, but it is not as unique as some of their other offerings.
I went to my local perfume shop and I confirm LP9 is a carbon copy of Yves Saint-Laurent’s Opium (for men). They may evolve differently depending on your skin, but the smell out of the bottle is awfully similar.
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