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Interesting thread!

I use ’quality’ shaving soaps, then a cold water rinse and splash. If necessary (for example during the colder months), I add a moisturizer. That’s what works for me!
I shave with cold water, then a final cold water rinse to get the soap off my face, then an splash of aftershave.
My morning routine is a warm water shave/cold water rinse, a splach of Thayer's (most days) and an ASB.
My evening routine is a warm water face wash and a moisturizer.
I thoroughly rinse all the cream or soap off. I've never tried any other way, but I would imagine I'd start itching if I didn't.


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Post shave is not an integral part of my shave. It's an optional extra. On most shaves, just rinsing off any remaining soap is all I'll do.

I have a couple of alcohol based lotions, a couple of balms, and some moisturiser. I know my face well enough, and the follow up products well enough, to know if anything more is needed - and if so, what. Whether it was soap, technique, weather, diet, or general health that prompts a change, it will still be one of those same options.

The only exception, is if I know for certain that a poor shave is my fault, and I have left myself feeling overstated. In that case, I may use alum before following up with balm or moisturiser. It is not often, but does happen occasionally, particularly if using unfamiliar kit.
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