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I was just in Family Dollar today looking at those same blades. I picked up a pack last week at the Dollar General that had that same "Made in Israel" sticker on them, but I don't recall seeing an ASR brand anywhere on the pack. Otherwise, they were almost identical down to the dispenser. I can't help but think they're the same blade. The first blade out of the Dollar General pack was dismal. Actually, it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't good either. I had to make several touch-up swipes and never did get BBS. I ended up ditching the blade after only a few shaves and I had to force myself to do that last one... My neck was starting to protest. I know that different blades perform better for different people, but I can't imagine the ones at the dollar general being anywhere near comparable to the oh-so-popular IPs red or blue. I don't know, maybe I got a bad blade... I'll have to try another when the swelling goes down. :rolleyes: But now you've got me intrigued... I might have to try those Family Dollar blades... they sound so good.
I debated posting the review after one blade, but I was so surprised that it was so good. My Tech razor generally likes the ASR blades from Wal-Mart and none of my other razors (Schick Krona, Merkur HD, etc.) do. I'll use one in a different razor next week and see what difference that makes.
It could be like most manufacturing today that they are having blades made and packaged by several different manufactuers. If this is the case both of you may get two different types of shave.
I tired a normal Wal-Mart ASR Personna blade today in the same Tech razor that I used for the Israeli Personna blade from Family Dollar. The FD blade is much much better than the Wal-Mart blade! The FD blade was much smoother and sharper. I'll try the FD blade in my Merkur this week to see if the first blade was a fluke or if the Tech just likes them better.
ttheinz, I'm sorry! I tried it and forgot to post. I got a week of good shaves from it in my HD. As a matter of fact, I'm planning on using one again in my Tech as my next blade. I think they are worth the $ if they are convenient for you to pick up. For me, they are a couple of steps above the ASR blades in Wal-Mart!
I bought a package from both Family Dollar and Dollar General. The Family Dollar blades did not have a sticker that said made in Israel and they also had a stamp on them "Made in USA" The DG brand blades shaved a bit smoother than the Family Dollar and looked sharper IMO. Maybe i have to get a hold of some of the ones from Israel to compare apples to apples.
I was searching for information on the forum for the CVS brand blades a short while ago. I found a patent number printed on the back of the blades holder. It matched the online discussion. The brands were different. In fact, the blades and blade holder patent numbers are identical to many other generic brands. The same manufacturer probably packages for CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Wal-Mart, etc.

I picked up a pack of these blades yesterday, but haven't tried to use them yet. I only bought them out of curiosity, but I noticed that mine said "Made in Korea" on the package and the dispenser is completely different than those shown here...
We'll see if they're worth anything, but at 5 for a $1, I can get a better deal at the grocery store on blades, and better blades online likely for less money as well.
I shaved this morning with one of the Family Dollar blades I picked up. Mine are Korean and really didn't do well at all. I had to make several passes to get all the stubble and it was rough on my face. I don't have a lot of experience, but I get better results with the other blades I've used so far, including the American ones I got at my local grocery store.
Interesting stuff. I'm down to my last five-pack from my 100 count box of Derbies and am in the market for more blades. I have no complaints with the Derbies, but feel that I cheated the system in a sense, by not getting a sampler pack like everyone else. I have a hunch that the IP may be right up my alley, so this sounds like a good way to try them sans sampler pack or blind purchase in bulk.
Can you tell from the packaging where they are made, before you buy them?


The Isreali ones apparently have a sticker on them, as shown above, on the backside of the package. Mine had "Blades Made in Korea" printed on the bottom right hand side of the front of the package. The dispenser also looked completely different than the ones shown above. It's clunky white plastic, but looks different.
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