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Discovery: Adidas Dynamic Pulse Splash = Proraso Splash

Was hunting around in Wal-Mart tonight with my girl and noticed something (aside from the fusion proglide preview pack that was 9.99 for one handle and cart with some goo samples)

I have heard a few good things about the Adidas Dynamic Pulse AS Splash so I decided to check it out. The splash is located at the end of the row of AV's, Brut, etc. Upon looking at the box I assumed "ug, this looks like another clone of the Gillette Cool Wave splashes that stinks to high heaven and its just some alcohol and fragrance. However, taking it out of the box I noticed a quality bottle with a very clean label and design. Upon first wiff I thought to myself "I know this stuff...." it smells similar (NOT EXACTLY) but about 90% like my coveted Proraso splash. The scent is very light and clean and gives the impression of it going way quickly (which is what I want in a splash).

Looking at the ingredients I was completely shocked, it IS Proraso Splash, the ingredients are ALMOST EXACT. Here is the comparison:

Adidas Dynamic Pulse : Ingredients; Alcohol Denat.,L Aqua/Water/Eau, Parfum/Fragrance, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Propylene Glycol, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Allantoin, Menthol, Benzophenone-3, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel)

Now Proraso Splash:
Alcohol Denat., Water, Propylene Glycol, Parfum, Witch HAzel Extract, allatonin, methol, hydrogenated castor oil, geraniol, some other chemicals...

As you can see, almost identical, and as I said before, the scent is also pretty close. To me I am very glad to have made this discovery because the Proraso splash is my favorite for its good healing properties and its clean light scent. The only downside to the Proraso was the price and the shipping and not getting it locally; now with Adidas, I can get my favorite splash for 4.80 and it's around the corner.

I encourage any of you who were thinking about the Proraso splash or any middle-tier splash that outperforms it's pricepoint to just pick up Adidas at WallyWorld and give it a try. Sure the brand conjures up images of sweaty basketball players instead of old Italian Grandpas...and that is a con on Adidas's part, but it's the only one I can think of.
Have you tried the Adidas in comparison? Honestly, to me, the ingredients list don't appear all that close; one contains aloe vera, the other has menthol, and the proportions of most of the ingredients seem to be fairly different as they should be listed in order of quantity.
they both have menthol.....added aloe vera to the Adidas is a plus...both contain alatonin.....it seems to me the percentages wouldn't be too far off and as of right now, the performance feels awesome :w00t:
Bought a bottle of this yesterday after reading about it here. Tried it today and it works pretty well, scent is a little stronger than proraso, and lingers a bit longer. Really impressive for something available locally, especially since it's only about 5 dollars. Thanks for bringing this up theturducken.
I've never done anything other than run in Adidas, so I'm not on familiar ground with this one. Who makes Adidas? Is there any sense that Proraso is making this--like B&BW/Bigelow--or are they just similar? Is it coming from some Vi-Jon-like clone shop somewhere?
I've never done anything other than run in Adidas, so I'm not on familiar ground with this one. Who makes Adidas? Is there any sense that Proraso is making this--like B&BW/Bigelow--or are they just similar? Is it coming from some Vi-Jon-like clone shop somewhere?

Adidas is made by Coty.
To me the main difference in the ingredient list is that in the Proraso product, witchhazel is one of the main ingredients, whereas in the Adidas product it is dead last on the list, meaning they put a couple of drops into the 500 gallon vat right before they bottle it up.

I like to have a good percentage of witchhazel in my aftershave. I don't use the Proraso product, but if I had to choose between it and the Adidas I would choose the Proraso based on the witchhazel percentage alone.
After reading this I bought a bottle at Shopper's Drug Mart last night, on sale for $5.99.

I've never used Proraso splash so I won't compare the Adidas product to anything.

I like the enhanced "cool-burn" effect, and the scent is stronger and lasts a little longer than my normal daily ASL (Booster), but nothing that interferes with a cologne or offends someone I'm with.

For the price, I'd say it's a "must-try".
Since posting this I will make a few comments...

...there is a little bit more menthol in the Proraso (but not much more)

....yes it seems they may be skimping a bit more on the WH, but my face likes the burn of alcohol more...

for me the biggests difference is the scent....the ADIDAS scent is much longer lasting and more prominant. I tend to still use the proraso splash for work (Don't want middle school students smelling the party on my face) and the ADIDAS for evenings.

Overall though, I feel the ADIDAS is a great local and affordable aftershave that is a strong performer. Anyone looking to try it should, I doubt many will be dissapointed.
I love Proraso Splash, but the Adidas stuff is not for me. Very generic modern cologne scent, and i found it fairly strong too.
I found the adidas splash to have something that burned/irritated my skin - above and beyond what alcohol + menthol would do. That said, I haven't tried it in a while and I get less irritation these days so I'll probably give it another shot.
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