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Discovered "the Marco method" for lathering!


:thumbsup: I do think that most people that start with the "Marco Method" modify it over time. It is a brilliant way to teach a beginner how to load the perfect lather right off the bat when face lathering.
I have to agree wholeheartedly! This is what opened my mind to face lathering. Sure I don't do it exactly like he does, but Marco explained it better than I ever could.
When I first started shaving (55 years ago) my father noticed that I wasn’t starting with enough water and reminded me that it is called wet shaving for a reason.
The one thing I’ve never really learned is how to make just enough lather so I finally gave up and simply added shaving my head to my daily face shave. Truth is, I still run lather down the drain.
Sounds like this method works really well for most and @Marco always posts informative threads. I just wanted to point out to new wet shavers this is not the only way to lather and I personally found it messy for face lathering and easy to have airy lather. I prefer a dryer brush (ie wet but not fully soaked or dripping) with wet tips and slowly work in water. Lots of ways to do it.
For me, the Marco method is too time consuming. I shave every morning at 6 am, and if I start with a very wet brush, I need extra time to load until the consistency is right. By now I have a pretty good sense of how much water I need in the brush to allow me to quickly load and produce enough lather for two passes. I never have a bowl filled to the brim with lather (when I use a bowl), but I don't need that much lather.
used this today and the lather was much improved.. started the shave with lather in one eye when face lathering lol pretty painful but will take more care next time :)
Saw this thread yesterday and I went home and tried it with two different brushes and two different soaps and holy crap! Lather galore!!! Thank you for posting this!
this just seems like two options;

add soap to water (Marco)
Add water to soap (not Marco)

I think the Marco method has the position of getting you a whole lot of lather since you would need a lot of soap to make good lather with all of that water. If you like a lot of lather, it’s probably a great way to do it.
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