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Disaster in the Desert

So... Last week I traveled to Las Vegas, NV for a couple of days with friends before we set out for a week of hiking, off-roading and rafting in Moab, UT. I intended to satisfy a long awaited indulgence and go the the T&H barbershop in the Forum at Caesars. I didn't shave for a week just to make sure I had a good beastly growth to get my $60 worth. I finally make my way to Caesars...and...T&H is gone! There's still a sign hanging from the ceiling indicating what wing it once stood in but the shop itself is gone. I checked with the concierge and was told it had been closed for 2 months. The T&H website didn't mention it was gone, and in fact still had it listed when I landed in Vegas.
They are moving to another casino. Im not sure wich one yet. Mantic posted about it when he came to town. i wish I knew you were somming I know a regular Barber shop that's about 4 miles from the strip, where you can get a shave, and a full facial massage for 30. or you can go with just the shave for 15, or just the facail and massage for 15. I haven't tried it yet.
I believe that there is an Art of Shaving at the Mandalay Place. I once drove a passenger there for a shave. He was very impressed with the results.

I ended up trudging back to my hotel and cleaning up with my Merkur. I'm still on the lookout for a barber capable of a straight shave somewhere in the Salem, OR area.
Last time I went to vegas I went to aos in the mall. Good shave and not too bad a price. You should have headed that way.
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