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Disassemble Muehle 19mm plastic fibre/plastic handle brush

I would like to modify the handle and it would be easier when the knot is separate from the handle (without damage). Is it possible to remove the knot? The bigger replacement knots from Muehle show a threading, but I did not manage to unscrew the knot here.

That's the brush:
I take it you got a pretty wrong idea ... knots are permanently glued in.
At least that's the intention. When done sloppy the glue can fail. You got a :lemo: in such a case.
There isn't a screw thred on the base of the knot.

Exceptions are certain travel brushes that can be screwed on top of a tube that double teams as a handle when in use and transport container when travelling.
Usually if a knot is properly glued in you can save either the handle or the knot, but not both.

That said, you may be able, in the right lathe with the right chuck, modify the handle without removing the know. I was able to do so with one of my brushes.


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Those aren't threads on the replacement knot, I don't believe. They are just "fins" to help it stay in a properly glued hole. I think. But there does not seem to be a slant to those "threads."