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Dirt cheap aluminum razor stand

Dont know if any one would be interested in a cheap aly razor stand but for $2.20 i made this.
its a aluminum ecig stand.
Well when i said i made it i meant i bought the stand and cut a small bit of plastic to line the inside so the razors fit perfectly.

bought it from here with free worldwide shipping:

Just noticed they do several colours , going to try a black one.

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Those are cool! At 36grams, is the aluminum base sufficiently weighted, in your opinion? Might have to get me a range of colors....
The weight seems fine , with the wide flat base i dont think there is any risk of it tipping over.
BSAguy , hehe never thought about knocking a load up to sell , could be a nice little earner for someone , suprised the Chinese have not already jumped on it.
Could always glue a circle piece of metal to the bottom to add weight....
Looks great though, especially for that price!!
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