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Discussion in 'The Mess Hall' started by rtaylor61, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. rtaylor61

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    My scale has vanished, so time to replace. What have you got that you like? What have you got that you don't like? Looking forward to some great replies!

  2. TexLaw

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    This Eat Smart has served me very well for some time. I would like something that would show half or even tenths of a gram, but I just don't seem to want to replace this.

  3. I've three, the smallest measures to 1/100g, second one 1/10g - 500g max, the biggest measures in 1g increments to 5kg. The issue i have with the larger two is that they shut off after a minute if the scale hasn't been active and lots of times i'll be in the process of measuring cumulative total and miss the cutoff, can be a pain to start over.

    No idea on what brands are worth searching for. Have had the larger two quite few years the smallest which gets the least use a couple years, it's a random brand from Amazon.
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  4. TexLaw

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    I do have a little jeweler's scale, as well, for very small amounts (mostly adding minerals to water for brewing or just making sparkling mineral water).
  5. Interesting! I'll have to look into this...
  6. I’ve got two - a starfrit one from Cdn Tire that measures by the gram up to 5kg for general cooking/brewing use, and a small one that measures in 0.01g up to 100g from modernist pantry for adding more precise ingredients such as flavourings, yeasts, etc.

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  7. I have that exact scale. Has served me well for years.

    OP, lots to choose from so the only suggestion I would make is get one that uses 'standard' batteries like AA or AAA. My old scale used lithium coin batteries and I never seemed to have a new one around when the old one went dead. We have lots of rechargeable AA and AAA's in the house though...
  8. Very happy with my dymo m5, weighs up to 5 lbs and will convert to kg if needed, i use i t for ebay pkgs, as well as breaking up hamburg by weight and freezing the portions we want, just throw a piece of saran wrap on top, and weigh out the meat.
    Office depot i think is where i got it.

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  9. Oxo makes a very nice one
  10. rtaylor61

    rtaylor61 Moderator Emeritus

    That is what I'm missing, my OXO. Don't think I'll spend that much this time.
  11. rtaylor61

    rtaylor61 Moderator Emeritus

    I had an OXO. Just not wanting to spend that much coin this time.
  12. We've had a Salter scale for years and love it. I believe it's also recommended by Cooks Illustrated.


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