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Howdy Randy,
I bought a Nikon Coolpix 4500. Talk about rank amateur.. This was the cat's pajamas in prosumer cameras at the time. Note: It has been sitting on the shelf for about 3 years. It is really very capable, but also complex to negotiate the various settings. You can set it up as an automatic, point and shoot and it does a reasonably good job. BUT, it is capable of so much more. At JF's urging, I have been shooting my SOTDs with it with varying success. Yesterday's is a case in point. Charles (QED) chose the light gold font for QED. It tends to bleach out under the flash-fill I got with the automatic setting. After viewing, I (re)chose the close-up format, select best shot, 9-zone focus, etc, etc.... Guess what. You can read the QED. :thumbup:
I use a Canon Powershot S400 Digital Elph. I beat the crap out of it for years, and it still takes crystal clear pics (gotta love that metal body). In my opinion, Canon is the best consumer camera manufacturer out there (uh oh, I bet I catch hell for that one).

Konica Minolta Dimage Z3. Have not learned how to use it other than setting it on automatic and taking pics.
for some reason webshots does that when i direct link. i'll upload it to b&b if the gallery will let me upload another image of high resolution...

OK. it worked:
yankee game
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robofunk said:
for some reason webshots does that when i direct link. i'll upload it to b&b if the gallery will let me upload another image of high resolution...

OK. it worked:
yankee game
Fantastic sky! Wow for the Colors and textures! Depth of field is phenom! Only 7MP? Good grief! :w00t:
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Hi all,

My everyday camera is a Cannon A40. This is a discontinued model but it serves me very well and does everything I need it to do. I will probably be upgrading to a Nikon or Cannon digital within 6 months or so. I have a Nikon SLR that I use also.


Cannon A40
As a 'major metroplolitan' type now living in what could be Mayberry 2012, my 'epiphany' as to the digital camera becoming common, was the last time that I had camera film processed by one of the chain drug stores that permeate the area. Of course, the photographs were the 'one time onlies'. The mega-intelligent MIB-sponsored individual operating the machinery ruined the film, which was typical ASA 400 Color print film, nothing oddball.

I purchased a Kodak Z-series, with a folding lens. I worked that out, and read the available handbooks and online information, to complete my old 35mm SLR-with-all-the-lenses, as I converted to the world of digital camera usage. I bought a Kodak Z-series 'prosumer' camera, and the Leica-style lens adapters (btdt), and have been running fine.

Why Kodak? I 'cut my teeth' on a Baby Browning Kodak. I had a Pony-series 120 film camera. I graduated to a Yashica 35mm SLR, and combined that with a Ricoh 401. I taught myself the science of photography, through those military courses available to GI's overseas. The world was my 'practical', and the base rec center, outfitted with film developing equipment, was my 'lab'.

Now, with the demise of Kodak, I still will use my Z-series for pictures, and for making my Internet videos, sadly.
I have a 2 year old canon powershot elph 300hs....great solid camera with wide angle lens....best buy had these on sale 8 days ago for $129,half of what I paid 2 years ago,plus they added a $15 gift card,which covered a new 8g sdhc card for my friends new elph....BUT.... his camera is much lighter than mine ! His is a light black plastic,you can really feel the difference...mine is much heavier,feels more solid,and is red...my camera feels like aluminum,it is surely metal however...what a difference !
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