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Different Soaps for Different Shaving Passes?

Hi folks,
This may be an oddball question so please bear with me.
Does anyone use a different shaving soap for each shaving pass?
That is, for the first pass, one specific soap is used. For additional pass(es) another soap is used.
The reason I ask the question is that in my experiment with new soaps, I would try a new soap for the first pass. The soap would be ok, but I would then use a known soap for the second pass to get better overall shaving results.
It occurred to me that a more time and method-intensive approach might be to use a different soap for a second (or third) pass, but you end up getting a better result.
Using 2+ shaving soaps in one session would be due to differing soap characteristics, the first pass shave/beard/skin condition results, shave feel, different scent experiences, different blade handling, etc.
I am not at this point, but I am curious:
Anyone use different soaps for different passes as a regular method of shaving?

Thank you for any insight/information you may provide.
Way too much trouble for no gain. I'm a face latherer, so there isn't much fuss or ceremony about lathering for me, but I can't imagine swapping out soaps (and having to worry that the scents were complimentary). Imagine having to have multiple bowls or scuttles set up... On second thoughts, that might justify some of the *AD around here. :p

It doesn't take long to work out how a soap performs, a shave or two at most, and often then only difference is how much water is required. Swapping mid-shave would also not be that illuminating unless you managed to completly remove all traces of the first, otherwise the second would be contaminated for slickness etc.


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I never HAVE done it, but if anyone on here could be safely accused of doing so, it would be me.

Sounds like a kool idea to me. (Which probably means it's not a GOOD idea.)

BUT .... it's your face and gear, and I like your thinking, and I'm a self proclaimed Scientist, so I must be right.
Mixing two soaps to improve a shave is about the farthest I've gone with this idea. Add Cella Extra Extra Bio and recover from some shaving cream that is not working as well as I'd like. Cella Bio mixes well with many things and works reliably. Or start a shave with MWF, add something else. MWF makes everything work better.
I'd love to see a SOTD pic from some of the 4 pass shavers out there.

4 soaps, 4 bowls, 4 brushes and might as well throw 4 different razors and 4 different blades in the mix.

As others have said....you are way overthinking it. Use one soap for the entire shave. Stop rotating day to day if you really want to improve your shaves and lather.
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Now who has tried aligning the ions on their blades (magnetizing) before a shave?🧐
Not me, but if you put dull blades inside a pyramid-shaped object, they will naturally sharpen over time.

disclamer: that's pure hokeyness from the 70s "Pyramid Power" :001_rolle


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I tried realignment of ions AND $25,000 pyramid schemes, and I'm here to tell you MY incredibly handsome face can tell the difference, doggone!
I know some mix soaps I think you get some combination or characteristics of both soaps. Sometimes I don't bother cleaning out the lather from my bowl from last shaves different soap I notice some difference this way too.
I understand what you're asking. But the fact that your asking it, and this statement...
The soap would be ok, but I would then use a known soap for the second pass to get better overall shaving results.
...leads me to believe you're using sub-par soaps.

If a soap is any good at all and worth using, then it should provide everything you need for all passes.

I use Saponificio Varesino, Southern Witchcrafts, Barrister and Mann, Declaration Grooming, Grooming Department, and Ethos. IMO these are top tier soaps. There is no room for improvement by changing soaps mid shave. If changing soaps mid shave actually improved anything I wouldn't use that soap anymore and probably sell it or give it away.

Is it possible the consistency of the lather you're using for pass one isn't very good, and that is maybe why you are finding better results with other soaps during the other passes?
I agree with @Eben Stone that you must be using inferior soaps.

There are some superb soaps that will do it all. They act as a preshave. For the shave, they provide superb slickness. They provide superb cushion to protect your skin from the blade. Finally, they provide superb post shave skin moisturizing and conditioning.

On a slightly different take on a similar topic, I DO use different razor and blade for every pass as I have found that each pass as a different requirement for efficiency and aggressiveness. Thus, I start with a very efficient razor to knock down my beard growth and complete my shave with a very mild razor equipped with a super sharp blade to pick up any stray stubble left behind by previous passes. I can use a single razor and blade for the entire shave, but I get better shaves using multiple razors.
One soap per shave for me.

Too much effort and wasted lather to change mid-shave. Main purposes of the lather is to soften the beard with it's moisture, provide lubrication with your skin and to some extent help the hairs stand up. If your soap and technique allow you to whip us quality lather with the right moisture content it's unlikely that changing the lather mid-shave will provide an improved outcome.
Ì think that the second pass will seem easier as you don't have so much stubble to mow down! I find too, that after rinsing my face, the lather is slightly thinner and easier to do the second pass. So, I think a bit of truth in what seems at first sight, nonsense!
Sadly, after a recent SAD relapse, this is the only way that I could use all of my current soaps in the same week. As ridiculous as it sounds, I may have to look into this. Lord knows that I have enough lather bowls and brushes to make it work.
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