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Differences between Lord Super Chrome in Blue tuck and White tuck?

I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any differences between the Lord Super Chrome blades that come in the blue tuck relative the Lord Super Chrome blades that come in the white tuck? Aside from the quantity of blades per tuck (and, as a result, total blades per case), is it just a matter of new packaging? Or are there actual observable differences (e.g., as seen under a microscope) or differences in the way they shave?

As a parallel, some posters have noticed a difference between the older Shark Super Chrome blades and the newer ones. According to these posters, the new ones are marked with both "Super Chrome" and "Stainless Steel" whereas the older blades only had "Super Chrome" printed on them. Additionally, some posters stated the new Super Chrome blades didn't shave as well (weren't as sharp nor as smooth) as their older counterparts.

For reference, here are pictures of the the blue and the white tucks.


I found some more pictures online showing the differences in packaging for the individual blades between the blue tucks and the white tucks.

Unfortunately, thus far, I have not seen anything about the differences between the actual blades themselves.


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