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Didn't win PIF...or so I thought

So, a couple of weeks ago I entered a pif for samples of aftershave. The OP wanted the entrants to post their current favorite aftershave, of which my comment was that I don't have one because I didn't have any aftershaves. The next post by @TheVez2 quoted mine and said to get in contact if I did not win. Well I received a box in the mail yesterday with 9 different bottles of aftershave! I cannot believe the generosity of the members here and the great wealth of knowledge. I will post the photos from my phone of them in a while and any recommendations on which to use, let me know as this is my first foray into the aftershave realm.
All true! KJ is the man! The Bootlegger's Bay Rum is some awesome stuff! Side note: Don't try them all at once!
Excellent selection there.... we will give you an AD for sure!

I would start with Clubman, that is oldschool and has a nice barbershop smell. It is a little drying on the face so leave face damp with a little water when applying, but it does tighten and tone as well as leave that barbershop smell.
@TheVez2 is the undisputed King of Aftershaves and PIF awesomeness.
I too have been the beneficiary of KJ's aftershave largesse. I sent him one modest sample and got back so much more, simply because that's how he does things.

I just bought Superior 70 for the first time recently after seeing it around. It's nice! It's also one of the inputs in the Bootlegger's.
I, too, bought the Superior 70 to make the Bootlegger's Bay Rum, and have been enjoying it by itself. It's a steal, and very pleasant to splash on.
Thanks guys. Just happy to help. It was just unthinkable to me to see someone who hadn't experienced the joy of an aftershave.

Justin. My favorites of those I sent you are Skin Bracer and Bootlegger's Bay Rum. So try those first, or save them for last! Either way, we'd love to hear what you think about each of them. In the end, if we know which ones you like and which ones you don't, we can offer suggestions of other aftershaves for you to try when you are ready to add to your collection!
I tried the Aqua Velva Ice Sport this morning. Since it was the first, not sure on like/dislike yet, but my wife did not object to it! I am really looking forward to trying these out.

Have a question, though...I assume the soap i choose for the day going to alter the overall outcome of the aftershave, correct?
I currently alternate between: Dr. Harris Arlington, Mike's Bay Rum, Van Der Hagen, and Proraso Green.
Have a question, though...I assume the soap i choose for the day going to alter the overall outcome of the aftershave, correct?
I suppose that depends on the soap. If it has an unusually strong scent that lingers then maybe. I find that most of the scent from soaps is usually gone once I rinse the leftover lather off. I don't really think about pairing my aftershave and soap to match necessarily. I choose what aftershave I'm going to use when I'm done shaving. So I suppose that if there is any scent left, even if I don't notice it, then it is affecting my decision for which one I choose at that point. Once you sample them all, you'll get an idea for what they may or may not pair well with. Initially, I wouldn't worry about it though, and difference will be slight.
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