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Did our fathers have more than one razor?

Mine used electrics or disposables, as near as I can remember. I used the plastic cartridges up until about 6 months before joining this clan. If I'm in a hurry, I will sometimes use a disposable, but much prefer the routine of DE, soap, and brush.
My pops had one razor, and later on a bag of disposables. My granddad only ever had 1 razor. I have an addiction to shaving with my small & humble collection it seems (according to their minimalist ways) !



My dad had a Pre-War Tech. For Christmas 1948, mom gave him a SuperSpeed. Both of which I have. The Tech is what he handed me to start shaving with in 1976. The SS I wound up with after he passed on.

Now, he did use a later Tech, and not the SS, until the threads stripped sometime during the 1980s. Then he tossed it and reverted to the SS.

He also had a straight razor from his dad, which he rarely used. I have that one as well, and rarely use it.

He also had a toggle, which he won somewhere along the way. It had a problem of snapping open while shaving, so it was dumped in the back of a drawer. I found it in the late 1970s, but was intercepted before I could try it, at which time dad tossed it out. Oh, and it had a 1-5 dial, not a 1-9, so now I hear cries of anguish from the crowd! :(

But, as already noted, these were shaving tools for performing a chore, so that toggle was simply junk to be tossed.

My mom's dad had but one razor when he passed. An Old Type Thin Cap from 1921. Silver plated. He bought that to replace a plainer one he had during WWI. I have it as well. :)

Finally, for those who have anything shaving related which has passed down, I invite you all to join our little group:


We are trying to put all the wonderful family stories in one place where they are easier to find. :)

Ironically, my father loves well made tools and things, but he chased the 'lectrics and cart dragon... He likes a brush, still using a Shea moisture pure badger after 5 years, but that's a bout it. He chases super speed ( no pun intended) and nick free shaves and does alright.


Did our fathers have more than one razor? Nope. Maybe a DE and an electric. I have shaved for 40+ years starting with a DE. Over the years I have switched around with DEs, carts and electrics. I never envisioned some one actually collecting razors, they were always a utilitarian item for me. Then I stumbled into the B&B a couple years ago while Googling for a different shave soap. I've almost always been a soap and brush man, never cared a lot for any of the canned goos. Williams used to be easy to pickup, now VDH is about all I see on the shelves and it wasn't as slick as Williams so thus the Googleing. Anyway, I now have 30 assorted DE/SE and 6 straights. Soaps and creams tally around 30 also, with aftershaves nearing 20.

So again, did our fathers have more than one razor? Nope. Google and B&B were not there to enable them.....


Rusty Blade

I have really enjoyed reading your memories of your father's shaving experiences. As I read your posts I wonder what my two boys will remember of me as they grow older...my own shaving renaissance, my collection of vintage Gillette razors, my soap/cream collection. They enjoy coming along with me to antique stores to search for vintage razors. I share my razors with them, instruct them in their history and proper care. I pass along my favourite soaps and creams. They have come to appreciate the fine workmanship of the old razors and a well crafted soap or cream. I hope I have lit a passion in them for the old shaving traditions. I wonder how they will look back on these days?
My dad had three - one adjustable, a fixed butterfly enclosure, and an electric. Never saw him lather with anything but a can. I pretty much came into traditional wet shaving on my own.
$E and T two.jpg

My dad and son. He just turned 93 and my son is 21. I remember him using some sort of TTO Gillette and Gillette Blue blades. When I was a kid taking out the trash, I found one of his blades and cut my finger. It was so sharp I didn't even feel the cut.

I just got back into DE shaving. I just bought a 61 Gillette Fatboy. I got tired of the lack of quality of the throw aways. I'm glad I got back into the flock!!! The razor came with it's original case and a few old Gillette Stainless blades left in the pack. I used the dishwasher to 'clean' it up and got a great shave. I have since ordered a 49 Gillette Super Speed and a sample pack of blades. I will probably stick with using these two razors until I figure out which one to keep. My son will get the other.

GO BEARS!!!! He plays for Lenoir Rhyne University.

Great picture Kelly! I know that you are proud of them both! Perhaps your son may fall in love with our Tar Heel state, and make western North Carolina his home! God Bless! Tony Brown RN mgbbrown


Here I am, 1st again.
I remember from 1966.

My father had only a Tech razor.

And he got shave cream from a can.
I remember my father having a Gillette Tech Fat Handle, then he bought a Gillette Adjustable thin handle. He used the adjustable until he went with Bic disposables. He still prefers the Bics. To the best of my knowledge, he never used razors in rotation.

For travel, he had a corded Craftsman electric razor.
My dad and grandpa both use electrics. I've given my dad a couple shaves and he liked them, but just doesn't feel he has the time to do it. He shaves once every couple of days but doesn't grow much other than on his chin when even after a week, doesn't look gross. I look like Joe Dirt after three days of not shaving.
My dad had a super-speed then switched to an electric. His hated shaving and his way of dealing with it was to shave as quick as possible.
When dad got out the navy in 1946, he used a Remington electric. It crapped out somewhere in the 70's and he got a Norelco. I think he got about 20 years out of that and got another Remington. He's 92 and still uses it every morning, even if he isn't going out. Never know who might show up.

Like most of the prior generations, (depending on how old you are, you may like me be IN one of the prior generations), he shaved out of a sense of hygiene. There was no joy to it. Once in a while he would treat himself to a barbershop shave from my uncle. The fact that he did it, meant it was more comfortable and a bit of a treat. He knew the difference, but was loathe to indulge himself. He's still that way after all these years. He puts his children first. He's an amazing man.
My grandfather always used electric as far as I can remember. My Dad always used disposable or the sensor excel. He also uses only Edge gel and Skin Bracer or dry shaves (ugh). I have no idea as to where my AD's come from.

Sidenote - I was going through stuff that my Dad had left in a box from 1990 at my Mother's and found bottles of Old Spice, Hai Karate, and Russian Leather. I couldn't decide if the Russian Leather had gone skunky or if that was how it was supposed to smell as the cork had disintegrated, so I use the bottle for my AV now.
My Dad had 3 razors. A red tip, a spare red tip in case .... happened and a third red tip because you never know. He was using the second red tip when he passed 31 yrs ago.....I have the last red tip and use it once a year in memory.
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