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Did I get ripped off?? SO sorry that they are huge pictures

I want to get everyone's opinion on an ebay purchase I recently made. Please read the description and take a look at the ebay pictures and then look at what I received! With the chunks missing from the blade, can I put a new edge on the razor? (is it recoverable?)
Also the blade was extremely loose for the first 30 degrees of opening and acted regular past that angle. The blade does not aligned when closing and has taken chunks of plastic and cut into the inside of the scales. The piece is in my opinion is not "museum quality". Did I get ripped? Can I fix this razor and make it the "museum piece" it should be? :confused: Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

here is the ebay description...

here is what I got ...
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I am sure that some of our more qualified folks will chime in here, but from my limited experience with straight razors, I would say that this razor is going to cost you some sweat and tears to get it shave ready. Not at all impossible, but a lot of work. My recommendation would be to put this baby on the shelf and save it for a 2nd or 3rd project. This way you will have a better command of the hone, etc. when you start.
Greeting George,

You probably won't get a keen edge from this razor due to what looks like the rust penetrating the material and and above the edge, which is more of a problem than the nick. It is anything but a museum piece. It would seem that is the new catch phrase.
For some reason I can't get the attachments to open, but if you have rust penetrating into the edge, you will have to hone it down and rebuild the bevel. It sounds like it is salvageable, but not something you really want to learn with in the beginning. However, it sounds like you can learn a lot from this razor. In the futur, if you are going to bid on a razor but have concerns, ask for more pics. A seller with nothing to hide should provide them with no problem. $15 bucks with shipping is still a bargain, especially on a Red Imp. If you decide to go the full restoration route, the Red Imp has a reputation for being a great shaver.

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